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Christmas with Exs parents was excellent! I hope all you guys had one as good. As you may know the main festivities are on the 24th of December here in Denmark, so the four of us had a lovely Christmas eve with plenty of food, drink, singing, dancing and exchanging of gifts (of which I’m sure I received more than my fair share 😉 ).

It wasn’t without drama however, as the cooker decided to go “POP” (literally) taking out the power in the house. I got the power back easy enough, but unfortunately the cooker was a no go. I had consumed rather too much alcohol to trust myself fiddling around with it, so instead we drove down to the fat cow’s sisters house (cow drove) and took over her kitchen. They were away at dinner else where so it was cool. Thankfully they live so close.

The next morning Flemming turned up early with his toolkit, I was by then suitably sober and so we hauled the cooker out and got everything working again. Good thing we did to because then we did the whole family meal thing again except this time Exs sister and family were with us bringing the total to 8 (+dog = 9).

I’m a bit sad that I didn’t make it home to Ireland to be with my family this year, especially considering the presents I sent didn’t arrive until yesterday (the 29th). Still I love Christmas here to, and wouldn’t have changed a thing about it.

The big problem with not going home (as in Ireland) is that it’s to easy to fall back into work on these intervening days between Christmas and New Years. I had promised myself the entire time off.

I’ve been catching up on my RSS feeds today. I’ve fallen so far behind with reading them over Christmas that it’s scary to see the number displayed by . Still, as always there’s plenty of interesting stuff in my link blog.

Some things of interest which stood out:

The great Microsoft Laptop 180 scandal (via )

gave GMail the Christmas munchies causing it to eat users email and archives (only affected 60 or so people).

(now that its done can’t we all just move on to other things?)

Michael Arrington brings this little desktop tagging app “” to my attention. I agree with Mike too, tagging should definitely be part of the OS.

I’ll be back again on the 2nd of January (I intend to be too hung over to blog on the 1st). Have a Happy New Year everybody. Thanks for reading my blog and here’s wishing you all the best for 2007!


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    Paul, good to see you back. Your story sounds like a movie that’s popular here in the US. Everyone went out for Chinese. Curiuos as to how many feeds you have in your reader. Happy New Year to you and yours.

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    Happy New Year to both you and your family as well 😉

    I’ve never heard of the film,should I pick it up the next time I go out to rent a movie?

    As for my feed reader, I have somewhere in the region of 260 subscriptions at the moment.

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