Google adding Analytics to search Results?

I was working with a friend yesterday when I noticed that was adding extra information to search results which was not showing up on and is now absent from

You can click the image left to see the screen grab I got of it. Unfortunately I didn’t get the grab yesterday when I was there, instead I got my friend to email the page to me. This screen shot is of the saved page which is why the Google logo is missing.

I’ve underlined the additional information in the image, and as a point of interest this information was not appearing next to every result!

For those of you who can’t read Danish, the extra text (on the first highlight) reads:

11 Besøg – 31/12/06

Besøg means visits. So essentially it says 11 visits – 31/12/06.

I’m not sure of the significance of the date. Is it the last day that the site was indexed by Google, or is it the last day that somebody clicked through to the site via a Google Search? Also, why only was this information only appearing next to some results and not others. It wasn’t limited to the top 5 results but was also appearing on some results on pages 2,3 and 4 (I didn’t check any deeper).

Are the sites with the additional information using Google Analytics? I know is, but I can’t speak for the rest.

Has anybody else noticed this when Googling? I haven’t been able to replicate it today!

UPDATE: Here’s the saved HTML file for you Google code junkies to examine if you wish:

UPDATE 11-01-2007: Just fixed the link to the full size image when you fix on the picture. Somehow it go broke yesterday when I updated to add the ZIP file.


  1. Brian says

    What you are seeing is your historical searches I believe. The date is when you last clicked and the # is how many times you clicked through to the site. It is a new feature I believe as I have seen it too, but it isn’t using analytics.

    Brian from

  2. says

    Hi Brian, thanks for dropping by! This being the history of his searched is also a possibility, but unlikely.

    We came across this when working on my friends machine and I actually suggested the same thing to him.

    He owns the site (result 3 in the image) and would have a lot more visits from search results than that. He is obsessive about his PageRank and keyword placement and is constantly searching for his own site every day on various keywords (most obsessively Hovawart, which is the search the image) because Hovawart dogs are the focus of his site.

    Still, it is possible, it’s just the displayed date ranges wouldn’t fit for the number of searches.

    Thanks for the suggestion! Maybe somebody can give us a definitive answer.