The sentence that killed creativity!

I was doing a preliminary logo design in Photoshop late last night for the new company I’m launching in a few months (can’t talk about that sorry!) with the intention of flooding the inbox of my partner for this venture this morning.

He didn’t receive anything from me this morning! Want to know why?

Ex was playing Burning Crusade (dispensing terrible hamster justice!), and I’d just spent about 90 minutes tweaking the first design and was feeling rather chuffed with myself. She gets up and walks past out to the kitchen. On the way back she looks at my screen says says:

Oh, you’re going for the whole thing there?

One thing I definitely was not trying to do was give it a whole 70’s, early 80’s vibe. Also, Brian (have you given up blogging?) can tell you all that I used to have an irrational dislike for Abba music. I’ve tempered that in the last few years, but I still can’t stand them. Oh, and don’t ask how I can live in Scandinavia (their stomping ground) and not like them…

So as you can guess, being told that you’ve spent the last 2 hours designing something that reminds people of something you strongly dislike is a bit of a killer to your creativity.


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