Fake Finder: Avoid fake torrents

talks about a webpage from Fenopy in which you can type in a keyword or infoHash and see if their are any know fake torrents floating about so you can avoid downloading them and potential lawsuits from the MPAA and RIAA.

I find the site a bit of a useless service to be honest, even though it’s a great idea. The problem lies with the fact that you have to go through the process of trying to find a fake torrent before you download anything. Its so much easier to simply use a quality and well trafficed site such as The Pirate Bay. Fake torrents are quickly pointed out in the comments by other heavy torrent users which saves you the hassel of having to determine if a torrent is fake or not before downloading.

Oh, one quick point. I do not condone the illegal downloading of software, movies, music or other intellectual property.


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    its my right as the owner of a purchased product, to give a copy to a friend. its one of the reasons why i buy cds and dvd at these ridiclous prices.

    its not like im giving away thousands either. just one, or two. depends on really…

    this is what they are trying to do: make it look like its piracy, when in fact, its the right to lend/give copies to friends. like i say, its not like im doing it in a big-time way either.

    its my right to have some ownership over my PURCHASED copy. like im going to be stopped from giving a copy to a friend.

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    Actually Bully, you don’t have any right to give away even 1 copy of a CD, DVD or other copyrighted material, without first obtaining permission.

    What you do/should have a right to do is make backup copies of the stuff you’ve purchased for YOUR OWN use.

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