Class Nvidia Action/coComment Technorati integration

Man this Nvidia driver issue on Vista is getting nasty!

WOW, which used to run beautifully on this machine, now just about crawls along ay 800×600. I want my 1280×1024 glory back! It’s not line Nvidia haven’t had plenty of time, betas and release candidates to get their stuff together! Right?

It tried their latest beat drivers last night (100.59) and it completely killed WOW. Nothing but a blank screen. Had to roll back to 97.46 for any kind of joy :(

Okay, enough moaning about the crap Nvidia drivers. Time for some good news!

Andy just broke the story of Technorati/coComment integration for you coComments feed.

It’s awesome, you can now claim your coComments feed as if it was a regular blog.

Full details over on Andy’s blog. Oh, digg it as well 😉

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