HP LaserJet 1600/Vista/Cannon Driver fix confirmed

I’m sick as a dog this morning! But there was one bit of good news hiding in the comments to cheer me up!

Curtis left a comment confirming that he got Jake’s hackof using Cannon printer drivers to get Daves method of getting the HP LaserJet 1600 working in Windows Vista.

I’ll have to try it myself later! 😉

Anyway.. for those of you who missed it here’s the link to Jake’s hack for getting the HP LaserJet 1600 working in Vista.


  1. Curtis says

    Paul, I wrote that Jakes’ fix didn’t work for me, but Dave’s DID. You will also notice Jakes’ fix stopped working for himself as well. Dave’s fix involves using HP’s own XP drivers on Vista. Here is a cut-and-paste from another comment I made elsewhere:

    “I installed the HP Color LaserJet 1600 on another computer running Windows Vista 32-bit, and here is some more specific advice: do NOT use the install program supplied by HP (see why later on), just download the driver package for XP from the HP support site (here: http://tinyurl.com/z99st ) and extract it to your desktop/hp or something.

    Plug in the printer via USB (if you use a parallel port (LPT) I imagine you’d have to manually “add printer” first) and when the install new hardware dialog comes up just click choose “other” option (don’t let windows attempt to install anything), then go through the pages until you are able to look for drivers from a specific location, and choose the hp folder you extracted to.

    The install will move some files and then appear to fail, but all you have to do next is go to services (easy way is to type services into the search box in the new start menu or the control panel) and scroll down to Print Spooler, then stop and start or restart it, maybe a couple of times for good measure.

    Then go into Printers in the control panel, and Add Printer; Local; let it find the HP 1600, then name it and add it. Again there may be error messages, but it should appear in the printers folder next to your other printers or XPS/PDF Writers. If it doesn’t work just restart the Print Spooler again.

    You don’t get the fancy maintenance page from HP, but hopefully this is only a temporary fix ’til HP gets their butts in gear.

    WARNING: Do NOT use the installer that comes with the download package or CD, it will probably mess up your computer (I had to do some serious fixing to my computer… I would recommend applying a manual restore point in any case).”

    I would post these instructions on my blog, but it would have nothing to do with my blog subject (politics).

  2. says

    Sorry for getting that wrong Curtis! I will update the post as soon as I’ve written this comment! And thanks for dropping back and clarifying everything!

  3. Tepes4 says

    thank you very much my friend…

    after a very long time i am finally able to delte win xp from my pc…

    Thank you very much

  4. PeeJii says

    Finally there are Vista drivers for download at HP´s website! Even if the date (22 Mar 2007) of the driver is wrong 😉

  5. says

    Many people don’t know that HP leases printing technology from Canon so many of Canon’s drivers work. As a printer technician, Canon seems to be making a better printer nowadays, but the toner costs are a bit pricier than HP’s for an equivalent size. Good find with the LaserJet 1600 driver issue. I get a lot of driver install requests with Vista shaking things up a bit.