Akismet Auntie Spam for WordPress

Akismet Auntie Spam for WordPress is a Greasemonkey script that makes managing the spam caught by Akismet and checking for false positives a hell of a lot easier.

I’ve written before about ways that I’d like to see the Akismet interface improved and Engtech’s script takes a step in the right direction by truncating long comments so you can see more on screen at once and not spend so much time scrolling through the spam.

The result is some what ugly, (then again so is the spam), but very functional!

Akismet Auntie Spam is now on my must have list for Greasemonkey scripts.

You can download the script from Userscripts.org

What a difference a fan makes

About 30 minutes ago the this computer (a Packard Bell) went from being reasonably quite to suddenly sounding like a 747 landing in my garden.

The reason for the sudden decibel jump was because one of the wings in the fan decided to it wanted independence and spontaneously divorced itself from the rest of the fan assembly. Definitely not good.

Thankfully, I had another CPU fan sitting on my desk. It happened to attached to a heat sink and an AMD Athlon processor, but I wasn’t interested in those.

I normally build my own machines, and make every effort to minimize the amount of noise they create. After all, I’ve got to work with the things 7 days a week.

The Packard Bell, was an exception to my usual self assembly, due to the bargain price we acquired it for, and the urgency when we bought it.

It took all of 5 minutes to switch the broken fan for the old one I had lying on my desk, and I must admit that I’m sorry the damned thing didn’t break months ago.

The Packard Bell was never a loud machine (except at initial power on) but now it’s a quite as a church mouse’s fart.

I’ve already found myself leaning down next to the machine to make sure the fan is actually running. 😉 Awesome!

I had the spare fan because I (almost) always build my own machines. I always try to get the best prices for the equipment, and am not above paying for non brand equipment to save money (as long as it performs as well as the big name stuff).

One thing I never skimp on, is a good quite fan. In fact I’ll spend extra just to shave off a few decibels.

A fan should not only protect your CPU cool, it should do so as silently as possible.

Trust me when I say that spending a but extra on a quality fan makes all the difference.

Note: The fan that came with the Packard Bell was from AVC (Asia Vital Components Co. LTD). Model Number: DA07020R12U.  The computer, and therefore,  the fan, are still under warranty, which means that I will never buy an AVC fan for any system I build myself.

Twitter showing in Google Alerts

Google Alerts is now monitoring Twitter streams. This morning , my Twitter feed showed up in one of my (vanity) searches using Google Alerts.

Google Web Alert for: Paul OFlaherty

Twitter / Paul OFlaherty: Oops… Twitter is soooo sl…
Oops… Twitter is soooo slow– i though my post failed and reposted! Sorry! 10:11 PM March 20, 2007 from web. Avatar Paul OFlaherty.

The interesting thing is that the alert is over two weeks behind.

Am I going to see a flood of Google Alerts as they catch up with my Twitter stream?

If you’d like to follow my Twitter feed, I’m pauloflaherty in Twitterdom!