Download O’Flaherty Doctrine V0.1

Rex “Duff” Dixon of Technically Speaking really liked the policy I wrote for O’Flaherty today which covers disclosure, privacy and commenting.

Rex actually dubbed it the “O’Flaherty Doctrine”.

You can see the full policy here, or follow the “Site Policies” link in the sidebar.

Anyway, as I said Rex liked it and is going to use it on his own site. In fact he went as far as to say that other blogger’s should use it as well.

Technically Speaking, I think all bloggers should adopt this doctrine or code of ethics or policy. No twinkie sheriff’s badge required!

Now, I don’t think my policies will work for all bloggers!

I think the particular set I’ve policies I’ve written fit what I’m doing with this site, and may not fit other sites.

I do think that they are a good jumping off point for putting your own sites policy together.

So to make Rex happy, I’ve put together a little Zip file which contains a copy of the policy as it stands in HTML format (so you can edit it and maintain anchor links etc) and in plain text format.

I will update the Zip file as I update the policies on this site.

Disclaimer: I’m not a legal expert. These policies are written by me, for this blog, in plain English! They are written strictly as guidelines to inform people of how I conduct affairs at O’Flaherty.

Attribution is not required if your use these policies, or base your own off of them. However, a little link love is always appreciated.

Update 12-04-2007: Erin Gurney (of The Startup Life) was kind enough to send me a version of the “O’Flaherty Doctrine” which fixed various grammatical errors an typo’s I had over looked.

The Zip file has been updated to reflect those changes. Thanks Erin!

Download O’Flaherty Doctrine v0.1 : (4kb)

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