New AdSense Ad Management

I just logged in to check my AdSense earnings and notice that the new Ad management has been enabled on my account.

The new system simplifies tweaking AdSense units on my sites as the ads can be tweaked from within your AdSense account without the need to manually past code into your template to see every little design change.

As a reminder, this feature will save the settings of your ad units within your AdSense account. That means, each time you want to change the colors, channels, or even the corner styles for your ad units, you can make the changes directly in your account rather than generating and pasting new code. Again, we’re still working on rolling this feature out to all publishers, so don’t worry if you don’t see it in your account yet — it’ll be there soon.

If you’re an AdSense user you can find out more information in the AdSense help center and if not you can sign up for AdSense.

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