Irishblogs voting is messed up

irish-blogs I signed up for IrishBlogs yesterday and added their little button to my sidebar.

My reasons for doing so are two fold. Firstly because I am an Irish blogger (even if I am far removed from my homeland) and second because I though it may give me a a little more exposure with regards to my fellow Irish men and women.

Irishblogs as a site is one hell of a mess. With their directory existing on a different domain to their voting site and everything semi-important scattered across subdomains which are not easy to navigate around.

Still, I like the concept of having a place where Irish blogs from all over the world are aggregated and voted for.

Us paddies and biddies have to stick together you know 😉 (wondering how they stop plastic paddies from registering?).

With regards to the voting I must send a plea out to whoever put the site together because the only appear to be allowing one vote per I.P. address.

This sucks.

Okay before getting any further into this let me stress, I’m not specifically targeting or bashing Irishblogs here. They’re just my example. This affects many hundreds of blog community voting sites.

For example yesterday I was telling my mates, they’re Danish bloggers (everybody can’t be perfect) about it and they said they’d go vote for me.

Great I thought, until a few minutes later they rang me back and said that after one of them had voted non of the others were allowed to.

They had all received a message saying that they had already voted.

This sucks.

The problem of course is that they were all behind the one IP address.

There has to be a better way of discerning who can and can’t vote. Typically users behind any kind of shared internet connection, be it corporate, school or an internet cafe, all appear to be behind the same IP.

So, if you work in a location where there are other bloggers, after one of them have voted for you none of the others can, unless they go through a proxy but that’s too much effort just to cast a vote.

So how about filtering by MAC address, or by placing a cookie within the browser which identifies the browser as one that has already voted.

No method is fool proof. MAC address’s can be spoofed and a single user could use multiple browsers. (although I believe the effort required to regularly spoof the numbers is far beyond the potential benefit).

Yet, filtering by IP can lead to a situation where multiple genuine users cannot vote because somebody else in that school or organization has already voted.

Let’s be honest a heck of a lot of people blog from their schools or colleges internet connection or even from their public library. Every time I’m down in the library here in Næstved there are at least 10 – 20 people sitting around with their laptops having coffee and chatting about internet stuff.

If they want to vote for each other, they can’t.

I understand the issue that their will always be some unscrupulous git that ruins there party for everyone, however their has to be a better way than filtering by IP.

Oh. Before I go, If you’d like to vote for O’Flaherty on IrishBlogs just click this link :)


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