Quit following me unless your going to listen..

Quit following me on Twitter unless you’re going to listen to what I have to say. If you’re not going to listen to what I have to say then why the hell do you think I would be even vaguely interested in what you have to say.

I’m reasonably discerning about who I follow or indeed, follow back, on twitter. So as you may guess, the current trend of adding thousands of people to your twitter follow list is really starting to piss me off.

Twitter started life for me as a stream of consciousness tool, and a way to tap into the mind of the micro-blogging collective in order to take that information and use it to fill my own "blogging inspiration database".

These days I’ve learned the value of using it as a conversational tool, and it has become part of my regular arsenal of tools for communicating with friends (online and off) and peers.

I do not see the value of following someone who is following 7000 other people on twitter. If I do that my voice becomes drowned in the river of noise that is constant updates and the point of following someone is supposed to be to absorb their content.

If you add me to your twitter follow list I will come and look at your twitter page. If I see a disproportionate number of people your following (say 7000) versus how many are following you (say 70) I will not follow you.

I will not even give you a chance.

I do not want to be talked at. I want to be part of a conversation.


  1. Sam Vurner says

    That’s a fair and valid assesment. Too bad I am a loser and although I feel I bring something to the conversation, I am like that school boy picked very last to the team. Alas, nobody wants to follow me. I am not a blogstar nor twitterati. I do not need you to follow me to validate my worth. Just please don’t block me.

  2. says

    @Sam It’s not about blocking anybody (on twitter you choose who to follow not block) or being a blogstar or a twitterati or even a big influencer. It’s about bringing something to the conversation.

    If you or anybody is following 7000+ people yet only 70 are following you then it’s clear to me that that type of person is only trying to build an audience to talk AT. Not talk too, but to talk AT.

    That kind of person is not part of a conversation, they hold no more value to me than an advert on the TV where I change the channel.

    If someone brings value to the conversation I will follow them.

    So if you reverse the numbers, the person following 70 people but 700 are following him (or her) obviously adds a lot to the conversation.

  3. says

    I am like you and the several dozen followers I have who have cleaned out their follow list or dumped their Twitter account to create another one so they can control who the heck follows them.

    If communications cannot not be a two way street on Twitter than what value is the time spent on Twitter.

    Good to hear what you have to say on this issue. Maybe more people will begin to see that Tweeting to just be Tweeting has little, if any, value to anyone.

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