• http://celete-cslife.blogspot.com Celeste

    LOL Cute.

  • Dust Collecting

    Cute picture.You need to let us in on the joke, what was it Sara could let be.Is she the black cat.

  • http://morganwrites.worpress.com MorganLighter

    Could it be called a skilt?

  • http://pauloflaherty.com Paul O’Flaherty

    @Dust Collecting .. No she’s not the black cat, but Sara never, ever stops teasing me about my kilt. Every chance she gets…. :)

  • http://pauloflaherty.com Paul O’Flaherty

    @MorganLighter… Why does “skilt” sound painful to me??

  • http://saraoflaherty.com Suburban Oblivion

    I’m definitely not a black cat, but I’ve been called a witch a time or 5 😉

  • http://lifeonwards.com/blog John

    Do chihuahuas wear nothing under their kilts too? Come on, Paul! Tell!