The First Ice Cream (revisited)

“The First Ice Cream” is pulled from a very old blog that I used to have and was written back on the 9th of May 2004. It came to mind today as it was pointed out to me by Sara as she was browsing the archives of it and to be honest, I would just like some ice cream today!

Ah.. what a wonderful day… you’d almost believe it was summer out there at the moment… and it’s only Easter! It’s currently 15 degrees, the sun is shining and there’s no wind… (parp!! oops.. there is now!!)

Today marks a special day of the year for me as it is the first day that I’ve been out walking around and decided to pop in and buy a "soft ice" (ice cream cone thingy)… mmm ice cream… mmmmm….

Now, while this might not seem very important to most people, it is to me… You see, the first soft Ice, marks the beginning of the best part of the year. Now come the time for parties, festivals, women in skimpy clothes, and time to get into all of my summer time hobbies.. (which are my winter time hobbies, but with less clothes on, hee hee!!)

Now, most people don’t realize that the humble ice cream cone is such a potent and powerful symbol.. but there you go that’s adults for you… I guarantee you every kid knows it…

Let the fun begin… 😀


  1. Bluetooth says

    Icecream to me you talking about Oh Anytime indeed! Yes but this time of the year is certainly the best one for consuming Ice-creams.
    Thanks for a sweet Ice-cream Paul.

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