What’s $25 dollars between stores?

A hell of a lot if you ask me!! While in the U.S. recently I picked up a Microsoft LifeChat ZX-6000 wireless headset for my laptop (which has been performing exceptionally well!) in Best Buy for around $43 before tax.

A few minutes later I was in Circuit City and the exact same headset (and bear in mind that I was less than five minutes away from where I bought the original) for a staggering $69 (also before tax)!!

What gives? How can their be such a disparity in prices between two stores which are very close together, in the same town and for the same product?

I suppose I should not be surprised.

If you visit Microsoft’s site to view the prices they give a recommended retail price of $69.95 yet their “price compare” feature quotes prices from $39.95 (Amazon) all the way up to $69.99.

While I’m talking about prices, let me have a minor gripe about the fact that in Europe we advertise the price of products in store (and elsewhere) with taxes included. Airlines and U.S. retailers please take note that this is much more convenient for customers.


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    Location may have something to do with it. If one store is easier to get to for instance, they may know they are going to catch those who may not want to drive that 5 minutes further. Beyond that..well, the joys of free enterprise I guess :)

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