Moderator gets me excited about its future

moderatormainscreen Moderator is an Adobe AIR powered desktop client, written by Daniel Dura, which allows you to moderate your the comments on your WordPress blog without having to fire up your browser and log in.

At the moment it’s features are very basic and beyond the ability to see gravatars next to the comments awaiting moderation it offers no real benefit that can’t be achieved by simply receiving email notifications.

But what really excites me about Moderator is its potential and the future roadmap:

While the near term will be focused on application polish and fixing bugs, some features will be added soon and include replying to comments, viewing unmoderated comments from multiple blogs, and popup alerts to notify of incoming comments.

I will also modify the theme of the application to more closely align with the theme of the WordPress administrator. Also, as soon as 2.7 is release, this application will support the comment moderation methods that will be included. That should eliminate the need to even install the WordPress plugin. All that would be needed would be the desktop client itself.

I’ll be keeping a close eye on the this one!


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    Interesting. But in an age where Internet is expanding and if we go the way google seems to be pushing of internet run apps will the need to move off the browser be needed? Or am I getting this wrong.

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    @Simon: Ideally the internet should be ubiquitous. In many sense the browser can be limiting for what you want to do.

    From a productivity standpoint, smaller apps doing just 1 job can be a benefit! But not always, as to many can be an attention destroyer. I guess you gotta find you attention/productivity balance.

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