4 steps to the ultimate Google search

Ultimate-Google There’s nothing like a quick Google search for bringing information from all over the web to your eyeballs in an instant.  However as great as Google is, it doesn’t always give you the complete picture.

Help is at hand and with this collections of greasemonkey scripts and Firefox plugins, I’ll show you how to have the latest Twitter, Wikipedia, Flickr and YouTube results displayed every time you do a Google search.

Okay, first things first, scoot your ass on over to the Firefox addons page and download “CustomizeGoogle”.

CustomizeGoogle is one seriously cool extension that allows you to add a lot of extra information (like links to Yahoo, Ask.com, MSN etc) to the search results as well as allowing to to remove unwanted stuff like ads.

There are literally hundreds of options and tweaks for most of Google’s services available in this extension, but to be honest, unless you want to go turning off the ads on the sites then the extension is pretty much configured perfectly out of the box.

Next up you’ll want to download and install the Greasemonkey extension.

For those of you unfamiliar with Greasemonkey, the extension allows you to run small scripts (bits of code) automatically when you visit certain websites and can be used to do everything from tweaking the appearance of a site to adding new functionality.

Once you have Greasemonkey installed (and your browser restarted) you’ll be able to choose from literally 1000’s of available scripts over on UserScripts.org but today we’re only going to be looking at 2 of them.

First up is “Google Search Sidebar with YouTube, Wikipedia, Dictionary.com and Flickr Results”.

This über imaginatively named script does exactly what it says on the tin. Every time you do a search using Google the results will come up as usual but now you’ll also be treated to an extra sidebar on the right hand side displaying the associate Wikipedia entry, Flickr image and YouTube video results for that query as well as a Dictionary.com definition (if you happen to have used a single definable word).

To install the script simply click the big black “install” button on the top right of your screen and click install on the resulting Firefox popup. To test the script in action just head off and do a Google search..

Finally we want to install the equally functionally titled “Twitter Search Results on Google” script.

This little baby displays the 5 most recent Twitter search results for the query just above the Google search results, allowing you to have both real-time Twitter and indexed Google results on the same page. Awesome.

Again, install the script and head off and do a Google Search but before you hit that search button be prepared for the instant information overload you’re about to subject yourself to!!

(Massive thanks have to go to Sara for introducing me to the two Greasemonkey scripts mentioned in this post! Thanks darling!)


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