What worm has chewed up Apple?

Has there been a culture change at Apple? Looking back over the past few months I believe there has and it hasn’t been one for the best.

It’s not that long ago since Apple was bending the recording industry over hot coals and bending them to their will. Apple forced them to stay at a fixed $0.99 per song for way longer than they (the recording industry) intended to or wanted to.

Yet since Apple capitulation to allow variable pricing in the iTunes store, things have started to go downhill.

Now Apple is the one succumbing to external pressure. Apple has blocked Google Voice and Google voice related apps from the App Store at the behest of AT&T, and now they are expecting us to believe the utter bullshit that jailbreaking your iPhone “encourages cell tower terrorism”.

What has happened at Apple? How has such an innovate company managed to suffer what appears to be a major culture shift?

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