Bloggers You’ve Got 10 Years

According to this graph the death of blogging is predicted for 2020. That only give you 10 years to become a multi blogging squillionaire! You’d better hurry!

The chart is tongue in cheek but I wonder how many of it’s “predictions” will become reality.

Extinction Timeline

Countdown to extinction?

(Click the image to see the chart full size.)

There are two predictions that I have a problem with:

  1. The extinction of “A Good Nights Sleep” in 2040 – That died with the invention of curry, alcohol, women, work… society in general!
  2. The death of “Cher” in 2050 – That woman has so much plastic in her she’s likely to exist until the planet itself is consumed by the expansion of the sun.


  1. says

    But thank goodness, reality TV will finally go away shortly after! Maybe by then though, they’ll have really gone “reality” and force the “Survivors” to actually survive on their own or face certain death. Now that would be worth watching!

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