Podcast: WinExtra On Windows #03 – The Schizophrenia Of Microsoft

WinExtra On WindowsDespite the adverse conditions Steven and I managed to record episode number 3 of our weekly Microsoft focused podcast yesterday.

What do I mean by adverse conditions?  My air conditioning dropped out for a while yesterday, got stuck in stores and shopping queues against my will, the internet connection was being flaky, and I discovered that I need some sort of a power smooth device in order to eliminate a pain in the ass buzz from my podcast kit. The thunder and lightning were out in full force threatening to knock out the power.

But we still got episode number 3 knocked out and it’s also the  very first episode of WinExtra On Windows that I’ve recorded from Mobile Alabama.

Today’s show starts out with us continuing last week’s mention of Spindex with a follow up on another FUSE Labs release called Emporia, which for a lack of better understanding is a Twitter and blog search engine with specific channels of interest.

This leads into a bit if chatter about Silverlight and Apple’s toppling of Microsoft from the top of the market cap game. At which point we delve into a little bit of analysis of Apple vs Microsoft and the involvement of the DoJ which is beginning an investigation into Apple and it’s business practices as far as their music business is concerned.

Of course as with most things Microsoft our conversation ends up centered around Stave Ballmer and how people, and Microsoft, seem to forget just how open the company is becoming when it comes to their software projects.

Posts reference in the show

Enjoy the show :).


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