Congrats To My Sister Sarah Who Won Bronze At 2010 Special Olympics European Summer Games

Team Ireland

Team Ireland (Image from Special Olympics Ireland)

Congratulations are in order to each and every one of the 1600 athletes that competed in the the 2010 Special Olympics European Summer Games which were held in Warsaw, Poland over the past few days (18th – 24th September 2010).

1600 athletes from 58 National Programs, competed in 9 sport disciplines, supported by 2000 volunteers, 600 coaches, 200 judges and 250 medics.

Ireland was represented by 34 athletes in 5 disciplines including athletics, badminton, football (soccer) bowling and table tennis.

My sister Sarah was present in Warsaw, with the support of my parents and sister Siobhan to cheer her on, to compete in the table tennis event and manged to get on the podium taking home the bronze medal.

She returns to Ireland today and should be feeling very proud of herself because we’re incredibly proud of her achievement and that of all the athletes at the events.

Congratulations Sarah :)

Sarah (left) pictured with Cork members of Team Ireland: Doreen McGreevey, Riobard Lankford and football coach Ciara Twomey


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