Child Abuse is NOT a Cartoon

Child abuse is not a cartoonDaily Shite came under attack during the weekend after Sara posted a satirical image which made fun of the current slacktivisim campaign on Facebook, which is to change your avatar to a cartoon in order to raise awareness of child abuse: Congratulations Facebook, You Ended Child Abuse!

My lack of affection for slactivism is well known and while we at Daily Shite deplore child abuse in all it’s forms, we strongly feel that campaigns such as this achieve little except to allow a bunch of people to give themselves a self-congratulatory pat on the back for doing SFA.

I’ve discussed in the comments on the post how you can actually DO something to make a difference – donation, volunteering, training etc… so I’m not going to get into that here.

Needless to say, our stance that this is little more than ego masturbation for the armchair activist has resulted in us being seen as very bad people. You know the kind – those who support pedophilia, hate children and don’t like puppies.

Such is the price that is paid for engaging your brain and not being one of the sheeple!

Rather than bore you with a  lengthy post about the ineffectual nature of slactivisim,  how disgusting and insulting this campaign is and discussing how it trivialises a real and terrible problem, I urge you to watch the video below.

Recorded by Phil Baumann, this video encapsulates what I want to say on the matter far more eloquently than I can manage at the moment. I implore you to watch this before commenting.



  1. says

    The key line in the video was when he said his own video was not going to make a difference – speaks volumes. Which was my point – bitching about arm chair ass sitting activism or even trying to make fun of it doesn’t make any type of effective change when it comes to child abuse or domestic violence either. Yes, everyone should get off their ass and put action behind the causes they believe in – I get that, I LIVE IT. This guy had a real opportunity to put a scrolling bar at the bottom of his video listing organizations and their websites and toll free numbers which would have made him come across as more sincere. Instead he just came across as narcissistic and ego filled because “he was right and they were wrong, see how better I am because I didn’t do that.”
    Here are some real suggestions – those clothes or coats you can’t wear anymore – go donate them to a women’s shelter – especially dress clothes. Catholic Charities is always accepting furniture and household items to help set people up in apartments or homes. The Salvation Army is in need right now because their donations are down. Go be a Big Brother or Big Sister, mentor a child. Practice what ya preach, it’s really simple and hell doesn’t take that much effort. (and when I mean you, I mean the general population to be clear)
    I totally get what he said, what you and Sara said, again – there would have been much more power behind the bitching had the effort been made to do something real behind it.

    • says

      Yes, it is a key line because the arm chair activists won’t pay any attention to it as it highlights their inadequate actions. Also you are completely missing the point if you think that the post is about creating effective change with regards to domestic violence or child abuse.It is about highlighting the idiocy of slacktivisim and the potential damage it can do by trivializing real and terrible problems such as child abuse. I’m sorry to say Kim, but that is always the defense of those who don’t like having their actions questioned : “Well you didn’t do enough!”. Why does the pointing out of the futility of an action require that the person pointing it out, take a larger action? We have said, that those who wish to do something should donate, time & money etc.. That has been covered.This is all about promoting larger action and NOT trivializing the response to such terrible things as child abuse!You also appear to think with a very self centric point of view (in a geographical sense) when you talk about scrolling bars and listing numbers. YouTube is WORLD WIDE, as is Facebook. How do you list the numbers for everywhere?I’m sorry, but people like Phil and myself are making a point, where we expect that the people who are reading, watching or listening are capable of taking that point on-board and then acting upon it without the need to be spoon fed. This is a discussion about the problems of slactivisim and is separate from the actions people may (or may not) take in their day to day lives.

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        Actually, I have serious doubts about it highlighting slacktivisim or about promoting larger action and is really more about driving page views to individuals sites because they agree/disagree because who doesn’t like a good train wreck. It is just as self serving, narcissistic and ego boosting to bitch and claim that those who get defensive are the ones in the wrong. :::Sigh:::
        O, and no I don’t think on just a self centric point of view.There are national and worldwide organizations that reach to the cause. (but lets be clear charity begins at home) The thing is both you and Phil questioned the motivations and actions of those you criticize, I was just pointing out the hypocrisy and saying “look in the mirror, what you are saying ain’t doing shit either” – for child abuse or slactivisim. Both will continue and nothing anyone has said or done will evoke any kind of change.

        • says

          If I wanted to drive page views and cause a controversy I would have posted this on Daily Shite instead of on this far, far lesser trafficked blog, so I would seriously reconsider your logic on that one!

          And seriously, you have no idea what I do or have done for anything, so quite simply, don’t go there.

          Also, with regards to slacktivisim, ( because that is what this is about) how on earth do you point it out WITHOUT talking about it? There are no charities you can donate to, no places you can volunteer… Oh, wait, I know, you don’t! You shut the fuck up so that people can continue doing the same crap without offending their feelings!

          Then the next set of slacktivists can copy them and very soon changing your avatar become the answer to everything and a whole bunch of people get to feel good about themselves while people who need help don’t receive it.

          I think you need to take a step back and look at the topic we are discussing.

          We are discussing the means in which attention is brought to a serious matter and the right and wrong ways to do that. The ways that are beneficial and the ways that potentially cause more damage than good. Repercussion and outcomes! That is all!

          If you would step off your soap box for a minute and drop this hard-on you seem to have that everything I write is solely for the numbers, you might see that.

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          “Actually, I have serious doubts about it highlighting slacktivisim or about promoting larger action and is really more about driving page views to individuals sites because they agree/disagree because who doesn’t like a good train wreck. ”

          Wow. I really hope I am misunderstanding what you are actually trying to say here, because you write about a lot of VERY controversial topics, and I would hate to think you are doing it for pageviews, rather than what I usually assume, which is that you have a strong opinion on the matter….

  2. TheBigBlueFrog says

    This is pretty much what I’ve been saying since the whole Facebook profile pic changeover began. Want to stop child abuse? Stop beating your kids, and stop turning a blind eye when others beat their kids.