Don’t Want Caps? You Can Cancel AT&T DSL Service Without Early Termination Fees

I recently spent a lot of time explaining to an AT&T rep and even longer explaining to her supervisor (who frankly didn’t want to hear it), that because AT&T are imposing caps on their DSL service we should be able to cancel our service without incurring any early termination fees.

The rep and supervisor were adamant that because we had not “yet” gone over the cap and had not “yet” been charged overage fees that this would not affect us and no matter what we argued, we would be subject to early termination fees of between $65 an $250 depending on if they charged us for the remaining time or for the “full price” of the offer we had signed up for.

If I had to listen to that rep say “Are you telling me that you’ll send more than 7 million emails a month?” or “Are you telling me you watch more than 88 films a month?” one more time, I would have gotten highly indignant.

Actually, considering AT&T’s new terms, that might have worked better for them.

I digress.

Needless to say, we didn’t agree and ended up filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

It’s amazing what a quick complaint to them can do.

Today Sara received a message from Marian Hall, Office of the President AT&T, to call her back to discuss our complaint.

I actually made the call and, prepared for a confrontation on the matter, was unprepared for this soft spoken older lady to tell me that, upfront, the service would be cancelled with no termination fees because of the cap issue and because I was well within the deadline.

She was the first human /compassionate sounding voice I’ve heard since we first started dealing with AT&T.

Anyway, for those of you who are AT&T DSL / U-Verse subscribers looking to switch to another broadband provider, just make sure you call in before the deadline and you should be able to terminate with fees.

If the reps say you can’t, just point them to this blog post, tell them exactly what Marian Hall said and failing that file your complaint with the BBB.


  1. Charles Martin says

    Very good to know. I am also using AT&T DSL – just out of curiosity, who are you switching to? I think the only other choice I have here is Comcrap . . .

  2. says

    In the SF Bay Area there is which offers unlimited DSL and traditional landline phone service with voice mail and full set of calling features for about $50 including all those regulatory taxes and fees. AT&T’s new TOS also indicates that if you cancel DSL service you can keep your email address. Many people report faster speeds than AT&T DSL, but this of course depends on your distance from the CO. Sonic told me that I should expect about the same speeds as I currently get. Would consider switching, as I now pay $75/month for phone and internet.

    The other argument you can say to AT&T when telling them to sod off with their data caps. Why are there no caps on unlimited landline voice service, but there are data caps on internet service?

    • says

      I suppose the reasoning behind there being no caps on unlimited landline voice service is that the data usage is mininmal, it’s low quality audio only and doesn’t rack up to much even if someone was on the line 24/7.

  3. says

    The other item to mention with is that their Fusion with home phone service includes unlimited US long distance and fair rates for international calls, while my $75 with AT&T does not include any long distance. But I get 50 free long distance minutes which comes with my Sprint mobile phone and I never exceed this allotment.

    No mention of mobile termination rates, however, so I guess this warrants a separate email query to them. One plus with AT&T is that they have an enhanced voice mail called Unified Messaging which can accept incoming faxes and convert these to TIFF files on their messaging site.

    I guess the other way to leave AT&T is to start cursing on the phone and be terminated for being an abusive customer? This was hilarious to read in their TOS.

  4. Mark Lester Ermita says

    Hi good day sir, I need an advice regarding my DSL cancellation yesterday. AT&T customer service sucks cause one time i just want to move my service, but what they did was ordered me another dsl service, i just found out that i was charge both accounts. I terminated the other account 3 weeks ago. Now I’m terminating my new account. I’ve been a customer since a year ago. I’m still waiting for an adjustments and refund though.

    • says

      I’m not sure what advice I can offer Mark without knowing the details. I suppose if you feel unfairly treated and they are not being prompt then you could try filling a complaint with the Better Business Bureau if you think you have grounds. That certain worked for us.

  5. Mark Lester Ermita says

    Well here’s the summary of what happened.

    I called them to move my service 09-16-11.
    It was connected 09-20-11
    I found out my service to my previous home was still active and it was closed on 09-27-11
    My first bill is $43, to find out that my speed was increase to 6 mbps but i didn’t order it. I only pay $25 for 3 mbps.
    October 13, I was charge $43 and $25 for my new and disconnected service.
    10-18-11 I called them to cancel my service since I’ve been a DSL customer for 1 year starting 08-11-10.

    Now, i am waiting for my final bill and as far as i know, AT&T sometimes charge early termination. But i have a paper that says i have no termination fee.

    • says

      You might have reason to go to the BBB especially if they do try to charge the ETF. If you call support, explain your situation (and I know it’s a PITA to have to sit through) the first support people you talk to won’t be able to make a decision on the EFT, so ask for someone higher up (might also be a good idea to record the call for your own records). They’ll likely tell you they’ll have to file a ticket that goes even higher.

      Once you have all that, then try the BBB.

      Alternatively, you could wait for the final bill, see if they actually charge it (they probably will but you may be pleasantly surprised) and then start at them.

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