Chrome 11: It’s Nice To Know It’s Not Just Me

One of the more confusing things when you visit a site that’s down is trying to figure out whether or not it’s just down for you, or if the entire site has gone down proper.

Prior to upgrading to Chrome 11 I relied on asking folks on Facebook and Twitter, and checking services such as “Down For Everyone Or Just Me” to determine if I was having the issue or if a site was unavailable for everyone.

After updating Chrome today I was pleasantly surprised to see the following when I was unable to visit a post on Read Write Web.

Other users are experiencing difficulties

It’s always good to know that the problem is not just me 😉


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      Converted? I’m a Chrome loyalist mate. I did my little Microsoft experiment, but as I said on the show there were just too many problems when it came to my usage model. It didn’t take me long to revert :)

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