Will You Get Smoked By Windows Phone?

Windows Phone Challenge

Disclosure – Sponsored Post

Since the days when I did the Windows and Microsoft related podcasts (WinExtra on Windows podcast and Winextra’s Daily Brief) I’ve longed to get my grubby little mitts on a Windows Phone for more than a few seconds and possibly even upgrade my aging Android phone to a HTC Radar (on T-Mobile) or even the awesome HTC Titan II but that’s on AT&T and would require me to change networks and I don’t want to part with my current plan.

My envy, especially for the Metro interface and live tiles has even had me scouring Android forums in search of apps, shells, and anything else that would allow me skin my Froyo install and try to replicate some of the Windows Phone features.

Now the pressure is on even more to ditch my current phone and upgrade thanks to the “Smoked by Windows Phone” campaign.

The idea is simple. Microsoft are offering Android fans $100 to go head to head with Windows Phone. Which phone can get you to the information you need quickest for those everyday tasks we all perform 20 times a day?

Which do you think will win? Windows Phone or the latest and greatest Android devices?

Find out more about Windows Phone and the Windows Phone Challenge on the Windows Phone Facebook page.

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