The New Myspace Will Succeed

After Steven Hodson sent me a link to the demo video of the new Myspace, I’m dusting off my camera to take a vintage, cleavage laden, “Myspace” profile pic.

It’s not that I’ll have any real business using the newly revamped site, I don’t really believe it’s targeted at the likes of you and me (you know, the old farts who were on Myspace when it was popular the first time around), it’s targeted at the 14 year olds and up who don’t remember the Myspace of old. It’s for kids who will see the new Myspace as way to connect with their friends and absorb the latest music trends without the fear that their mother is on there stalking checking out their profile.

Couple that with Sara’s idea that Myspace will gain some measure of use from those of us who are now old and demented enough to feel nostalgic for the Myspace days and, who knows, Justin Timberlake may well be on to something.


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    When I’m pining for days of yore, MySpace is always the first thing I think of. I agree, Paul, this will be great for the kids who weren’t around the first time. Maybe, in 6-10 years, MySpace will be the biggest social network on the Internet.

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