Windows 8 – Good Enough For Pirates!

Windows 8 Pirate EditionBrowsing the web I see a lot of people complaining about Windows 8 and I automatically assume that 90% of those people have never used it. All of the people I know who have actually used it like it, or at least don’t complain about it. With so much apparent hate for Windows 8 spewing forth from the comment sections of most tech news sites, I was surprised to read that Windows 8 was the only non-video search in the top 50 searches on Kickass Torrents in 2013.

There is no central database of searches available, but, one of the top three torrent sites in terms of visitors, was kind enough to share the most popular search terms of 2013 with us. This list is based on millions of searches and gives an indication of what people were looking for on BitTorrent networks during the last 12 months.

Adult related searches are surprisingly absent among the popular search terms, and the same is true for music and game searches. The only non-video search in the top 50 is Windows 8 in 40th place.

The only non-video search in the top 50, eh? No mention of Linux, Windows 7, Windows XP, Photoshop, Creative Suite, video games, Android or Apple apps for rooted devices, or chart topping music albums… It’s all Iron Man 3, World War Z, Breaking Bad, Game Of Thrones, Star Trek: Into Darkness, and… Windows 8.

I guess people don’t hate it enough to not pirate it! And the first person to suggest that people are only pirating Windows 8 to “try before they buy” is getting a swift kick to the groin because we all know that’s plain bollocks.


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    Finally got Windows 8.1 myself, and I’m completely with you. The kind of people who complain about it are the same people who join Facebook boycott groups every time they make a UI change — the lowest common denominator. No reason to cater to the ultra conservative.

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