Sage Software – Hammond’s Candies Case Study

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Regardless of size, if there’s something that all businesses need to pin down before they can scale and grow efficiently – it’s nailing down managing finances and customer relationship management.

When you first start out you may very well be able to manage your accounting, payroll, invoicing & payments and more from an Excel spreadsheet or Google Docs. The more adventurous may even attempt using one of the many free/open source CRM options that are available. These solutions may work short-term but eventually, if you are serious about your business growing you’ll need to take the step and get an integrated business management solution that will allow you to grow by allowing your business to be managed more  efficiently and providing valuable insights based on data not typically available to non-integrated systems.

The video below is a brief case study of how Sage helped Hammond’s Candies (the largest manufacturer of hand-made hard candies in the Untied States) scale their process by providing inventory control, and helping manage production planning to boost profitability.

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    I know of a candy business out here in Ontario, California that also heavily depends upon seasonal sales at Christmas. However, that business is much smaller than Hammond’s Candies appears to be, so they may not be looking for an integrated business management solution at this time. You can see the need for Hammond’s Candies to employ such a solution, however.

    Valuable information. Thanks for sharing.

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