Build Apps To Survive The Robot Apocalypse With IBM’s “BlueMix”

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As a developer I’m always on the look out for new tools with which to speed up and ease mobile app, cloud & web app development, but it’s not very often that I have a platform pitched as means to develop tools that will help me survive the robot apocalypse.

I definitely didn’t expect such a pitch from IBM. Their Watson supercomputer first kicked proverbial butt on Jeopardy and is now being used to power a platform to encourage mobile developers to build Big Data “cognitive computing” apps as part of a developer challenge contest. If anything, I expect that an A.I. developed by IBM will be the instrument that kicks off the robot apocalypse and leads John Connor to send his father back in time to fight Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The blurb for “Codename: BlueMix” (which is currently in beta and open for enrollment) doesn’t do a whole lot to dissuade me from that idea either (emphasis mine):

Maybe you need to iterate on something quickly. Maybe you want to experiment with different technologies. Maybe you just want to build, extend, and deploy with the efficiency of a cold-blooded cyborg. Whatever you want to do, BlueMix offers a single solution environment that lets you develop and deploy apps across multiple domains.

Still, if IBM are going to unleash the robot apocalypse then I guess that it’s only fair that they offer us geeks some tools to help survive it.

IBM wants us to forget going all Kyle Resse on the robots (let’s leave that to the professionals) instead wants us to build mobile and cloud based apps that can help us track, photo, tag, geolocate and co-ordinate the defense of mankind even if much of the worlds communications infrastructure is destroyed. That’s right – “Big Blue” is going to enable us to use Bluetooth as part of BlueMix, allowing our robo-tagging apps to work even when the who world is asking “can you hear me now?”.

Check out Codename: BlueMix to see the wide range of data management options, mobile services, tools, frameworks and languages (Liberty for Java, node.js, Ruby) supported by BlueMix, and spend some time deciding what you’ll need in your robot apocalypse survival app.

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