“Generic Brand” Advertisement for Stock Footage Site Dissolve is Sad Testimony to the State of Branding

It’s a sad state of affairs when an advert for a stock footage site, made entirely from stock footage, is better than 90% of the corporate branding videos I’ve ever seen and could probably be applied to 99% of corporations out there.

I don’t know if the folks at Dissolve set out to make an “anti-ad”, or were simply having fun showcasing what they could do with the stock footage available on their site, but the have managed to highlight some of the problems with corporate branding – it’s generic. Very, very generic.

You can lay the blame at the foot of execs who want to get a message across – the same message as every other company. Or you can blame the agencies who don’t push companies to break the generic mold, or are simply happy encouraging their clients and churning out “brand” after cookie cutter “brand” because it’s easier, cheaper, safer etc…

Whoever you care to blame, it’s clear that brands aren’t being developed in most cases (unless “we’re the same as everyone else” is a brand) and this “anti-ad”/demo is a shining example of why it’s not happening.

Lets be honest, you really shouldn’t be using stock footage in your brand video. Stock footage is not you, your company or who you want to be. Nobody can show that better than, well, you…

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