They Didn’t Think It Through – Browsing WordPress Mobile Theme Stores

I was looking for inspiration for a mobile site design today, trawling WordPress theme stores, when I noticed a particularly stupid and unhelpful trend.

The image you see below is what I get when I visit the demo for a mobile theme on a mobile browser. Yes, that’s right – you’re looking at the full desktop site with the mobile version embedded in a frame…

I understand that these demos are setup to help people visiting from their desktop, but is it really such a stretch of the imagination to think that someone might want to demo your mobile them on, I don’t know… their mobile device?

Theme Demo Nexus Screengrab


  1. Nathan says

    I’ve run into this before too, and can’t stand it. Usually I won’t give the theme a fair chance after that. I’m also very much bothered by the way they wrote the price in your screenshot (25$). I hope that doesn’t become trendy. That won’t do at all.

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