About Paul O’Flaherty

Fortuna Favet Fortibus – Fortune favors the bold

Paul's Tattoo

The words above aren’t just my family’s motto, they are how I try to live my life.

Those words, which are inked on my very skin, have driven me all over the world, from one country to another and from one career to another in search of what makes me happy and doing what I want to do with my life.

After long detours living in countries like Ireland (where I was spawned), Germany, United Kingdom and Denmark, that drive has finally led me to the U.S. to be with my beautiful wife Sara.

The journey has seen many forks and turns in a varied career which has spanned military service, security, sales, education, web development, start-ups and more.

Even though I have a wide field of experience ever since I first cut my programming teeth on a C64, which my grandparents purchased for me, I’ve always gravitated towards technology and that is where I am today.

With Sara’s help and support I am again buried in start-up culture as we push to drive our network of sites to the masses which we stamp with our own unique brand of humor and insight.

But it’s not all work, work, work.

When we do find some downtime I love to head out and shoot some pool, hang out with our friends and /or get seriously engrossed in our favorite horror (both of us have a soft spot for zombie movies) and sci-fi shows.

I’m sure you’ll find out more about me by reading my blog – such as my love of reading, opposing music tastes (alternative rock or classical music anybody?) and my obsession with technology and the internet.

The tagline for this blog is “Brain to mouth filter removed since 1978″ which, coupled with the family motto above, should tell you almost everything else you may ever need to know about me.