Author: Paul O'Flaherty

Paul is an Marketing, Business & IT Consultant with a passion for working one on one with medical practices and small businesses to help them grow. The co-Founder of Veritas Diagnostic Services, LLC and OFlaherty Media, he loves social media, marketing, shooting pool and sucks badly on Xbox live.

Things To Consider When Buying Computers For Your Medical Practice

Money can be tight when you’re starting up your medical practice or small business, and it can be very tempting to save money by buying cheap computers –  but this decision can end up costing you more in the long run in terms of lost productivity and early equipment replacement. TLDR; Buy the most powerful […]

Building Your Product Is Only Half The Battle – Why The Voices In Kevin Costners Head Were Wrong

I may be showing my age by making a reference to Field of Dreams, but I’m amazed by how many people still believe that if you simply build a product or offer a service then your work is done and the money should just start rolling in. Building your product, recording your podcast or starting […]

Entrepreneurship Is Not For Everyone

Being an entrepreneur is cool right now, but let’s be honest – entrepreneurship is not for most of us. To put it another way – anybody can be an entrepreneur, but most people probably shouldn’t. I went on a spontaneous Facebook live rant about this very topic a few months ago, so if you don’t feel like reading […]

Why Streamers Can’t Rely On Twitch Alone To Build An Audience

When building your audience or brand you need to be where your customers are if you want to reach them, but limiting yourself to just one network imposes unnecessary limits on your growth. I addressed this very topic on Cranky Gamers with Steven Hodson a couple of weeks ago. We were discussing how Twitch streamers can use social […]