Farewell To Some Old Friends

If you’ve arrived at this blog post expecting to find a post on UrlyBits, Geek Is Awesome or Unfollowing Jesus, then I’m sorry to say that those sites have been discontinued.

Well actually I’m not sorry because all good things must come to an end. Building and maintaining these sites have been an amazing provider of entertainment, education and personal growth for me, but now it’s time to take things to the next level.

With my consulting business growing, wanting to spend time with my family, the birth of Malcolm and another baby on the way, now is the time to reassess priorities and jump on some new opportunities.

Every end is a new beginning and this one is no different. Scrw Media is being re-branded and we will soon roll out a new site that has an emphasis on the new direction we are taking (more on that when the site rolls out), and we also have plans to roll out one or two new sites as well.

Thank you to everybody who has been a fan of the sites over the past 6 years or more. Between our podcasts, blogs, future sites and new services, we hope to continue entertaining, informing and helping you for a very long time to come.

Auto Featured Image Auto Post Thumbnail – No Thumbnails After WordPress 3.4 Upgrade Fix

Broken thumbnails in media libraryIf you use either the Auto Featured Image or Auto Post Thumbnail plugin you may have noticed that your automatically created thumbnails are not working since the WordPress 3.4 update.

The issue is that thumbnails which are created by the plugins don’t have a _wp_attached_file entry in the _postmeta table, which manually created thumbnails do.

The solution to the problem in to do the following:

1: Open your media library in WordPress and delete all of the the grey, unattached images which do not appear to have a thumbnail. They should look just like the ones in the picture in this post.

2. You’ll have to edit the plugin for this one so fire up your FTP client and download whichever of the two plugins you are using.

Open the plugin in your favorite editor and locate the code below. In auto-featured-image.php it’s line 202, and it’s line 258 of auto-post-thumbnail.php

 wp_update_attachment_metadata( $thumb_id, wp_generate_attachment_metadata( $thumb_id, $new_file ) );
 return $thumb_id;

Replace it with the code with the following:

wp_update_attachment_metadata( $thumb_id, wp_generate_attachment_metadata( $thumb_id, $new_file ) );
update_attached_file( $thumb_id, $new_file );
return $thumb_id;

Upload the plugin to your site, find the settings page for your plugin and hit the “generate thumbnails” button. Now sit back and wait while the plugin regenerates all of the thumbnails again.

Thanks to misthero for originally finding the solution for the Auto Post Thumbnail plugin.

Killing Off My Public Facebook Page

Currently there’s about 130 of you guys following the Facebook page “PaulOFlahertyOnline” and many of you who are following that page are also friends with me on my personal Facebook profile.

The advent of the “subscribe” button on Facebook has made the public page obsolete and frankly just a pain to update, as everything that ends up there is already being posted publicly on my personal page (so if you’re subscribed you can see it), and… let’s be honest, I don’t update that page a lot but I do pump a lot of good shares through my personal Facebook.

So, here’s the deal, in a week or so I’m going to kill off the PaulOFlahertyOnline page and simply stop posting to it, but, in order to stay up to date and still get all of the content I find around the web, you can just pop along to my personal profile and hit the subscribe button.

I’ll even add a button here (this may not show up in an RSS reader so you’ll have to click through to the post) so you can subscribe easily.

Barcamp Mobile 2011 Was A Success

I just wanted to quickly send a massive thank you to everyone who came along to this years Barcamp Mobile and made it awesome.

We had a lot of wonderful people turn up to share their knowledge, learn, network and hang out, and none of it would have been possible without the hard work put in my my beautiful wife Sara (who organized everything) and the donations of our wonderful sponsors.

There will be pictures and video going up on the Barcamp Mobile site soon so if you’ve got any pic that you’ve taken and not shared with Sara yet please do so ASAP.

No That’s Not Sara, Honest!

Apparently there was some confusion about the header image of this site, where people thought the zombie creature chasing the man was supposed to be Sara chasing me.

Actually, the images was a take on the “Caution, zombies may be flammable” meme, so I’ve added a little colour and some text to the header so that it can no longer be mistaken for Sara (although she does have red hair these days 😛 ).

Here’s a side by side for comparison, so can see what Sara the zombie creature looked like previously and how it does now.

It's Not Sara

It's not Sara - Honest!

I Can’t Tumble And Bye Bye Daily Brief

Sad Kitty

Sad kitty is predictably sad...

Try as I might I can’t maintain a tumblr for personal use. Recently I ventured into the realms of tumblr for the second time, cleared out the thousands of imported posts on my old account and started putting in fresh content.

This went well for a while but I couldn’t shirk the feeling that content I was posting there, even if it was just a silly video or two, would have been better served here on my self hosted platform, where I “own” the post and am not subject to the whims of 3rd parties that may be gone in 5 years time.  Apparently Sara isn’t afflicted with this “split presence” issue… but hey, since when am I supposed to understand my wife? 😛 LOL

Anyhow, I won’t be using  my tumblr much anymore and will instead post that stuff here even if the posting process with WordPress is more laborious (but that’s a matter for a different post…).

On a side note, I have actually thought about experimenting with Posterous (again) but probably won’t as I see exactly the same issues arising.

To be honest most of what I was posting on the tumblr was just the audio and video version of the WinExtra’s Daily Brief podcast, but now that the podcast is no more, well, there’s  no need for it I guess.

Dealing with the issue of Daily Brief  – it was a fun time and we gave it a good old run. We published 154 episodes of Daily Brief  (video and audio) and close to 30 episodes of the weekly “WinExtra on Windows” (audio only) prior to that. We had actually finished recording #155 and it was ready to publish when the decision was made to pull the plug, a decision which was made and acted upon very quickly.

To be honest the demise of the show came as a bit of a surprise to me, but trust me when I say that Steven had his personal reasons and I fully support him in his choice and the direction he is choosing, and I hope to we will be able to collaborate on a podcast/vidcast again when things are more settled for him.

I also want to extend my thanks to everyone who, commented, reposted, watched, listened or got involved. I hope to be back in your ears soon…

Blog Cleaning

Dung Beetle

Cleaning up

While I had removed a lot of the unnecessary stuff that was making it’s way to the from page of this blog and kept it so you were only seeing actual posts, (as opposed to webcasts for other sites and aggregated twitter content) Sara pointed out to me that all of that stuff was still finding it’s way into the RSS feed.

That, I’m happy to say, is a problem no longer.

I’ve now stopped all the stuff I didn’t want cluttering the front page of the blog form making it’s way into the RSS feed and the only way you’ll find it (assuming you want to) is to go looking for it in the correct category on the site itself.

2 thumbs up for clutter reduction!

Happy days!