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Lack Of Data Standard, Not Meaningful Use To Blame For Crap EHR Systems

Let’s not blame the carrot (Meaningful use) for the stick (Electronic Health Record systems) being too short! If we want to make Electronic Health Record systems (and Practice Management systems) better, cheaper and actually innovate, then we need a standard schema for how core data is stored so that it can be easily exported to a different EHR […]

Every Father Has Thought This…

This comic came across my social streams earlier today and I couldn’t resist the temptation to share it. Every father has to admit that they’ve thought something similar at some point! Right? Source: The Gentleman’s Armchair

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Speaking My Language

OMG! This is video from “Clients from Hell” is not only ridiculously funny, but should hit home with everyone who’s ever worked freelance or been self-employed. We’ve all been down this road with clients at some point!

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