Deleting Negative Reviews – Drive-By Marketing

In this podcast I address deleting negative reviews and comments about your company / product / service from review sites, Facebook pages and other locations.

I mention the reasons why you shouldn’t delete negative reviews, which include:

  • How it makes your profile looks fake or fixed, as if you were trying to game the system.
  • The missed opportunity to build dialogue and trust with your customers or community
  • The missed opportunity to learn from these reviews and improve your product or service.

If you have questions, comments or things that you’d like me to discuss of future episodes please leave me a message in the comments below.

Why Social Media Marketing? – Drive-By Marketing Podcast

“Why should we bother with social media marketing? We have a website and most of our business comes from Word of Mouth. We’re actually a profitable and very successful local company. Isn’t this just another expense?”

I hear questions like that a lot, and it’s easy to empathize with small business owners who can see social media as just another drain on their already tight time and financial resources.

In the video and audio below I cover 5 reasons why you’re small business needs to be engaged on social media.

Here’s the TL;DR (Too Long Didn’t Read) version for those of you can’t watch or listen right now:

Honestly, it’s not a matter if you should be engaged in social media marketing, it’s only about how  well you commit to doing it.

Blind Reposting – Drive-By Marketing Rant

Reposting content online, whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook or any other social network, can be an awesome way to keep your followers engaged. It can bring attention to your brand from those whose content you’re reposting, and it can provide your audience with new content while you get your own content ready for sharing. Best of all it helps break the cycle of “me, me, me, product, product, product… sell, sell, sell…”, a cycle which is unfortunately all too common.

Reposting, sharing, retweeting can all be seen by your audience as an endorsement, so be careful what you repost. Don’t automate the process, and definitely read / watch / listen to everything you share or you could end up embarrassing yourself or your brand.

In the video / audio below I give an example of how I encountered this over the past week.

Podcast Interview – Biology Of the Blog

Biology Of The BlogLast week I had the pleasure of being interview by Jess Goulart for the Biology of the Blog podcast on BreakThru Radio.

On the podcast we talk about a number of topics including how to improve computer science curricula at Universities so that we can turn out developers with real-world skills and ensure that people are studying the skills that they are most suited for.

We also talk about the differences and similarities between online and offline marketing, finding your marketing voice, being authentic, engaging your audience and building your network.

The podcast features musical tracks as well as the interview with yours truly. I’ve highlighted the sections where I appear on the playlist below if you want to skip straight to the interview.

Unfortunately the interview was cut short because I had to leave to deal with a client emergency and we weren’t able to take up the interview again, but Jess edited things so that the ending isn’t too abrupt.

00:00 Mic Break
00:21 Like a Lie – Copeland
04:42 A Real Hero – Electric Youth
09:03 Mic Break
09:47 Lay Your Wet Head Down – Emby Alexander
13:26 Interview w/ Paul pt. 1
25:40 POC – Filmstrip
28:29 MMS 1970s – Filmstrip
30:54 Interview w/ Paul pt. 2
41:21 Sun/Shadow – Holy Ghost Tent Revival
45:37 Mic Break
46:05 Windows Painted Shut – Jam Jars
50:16 Saplings – Jam Jars
54:24 Finish

Download “Biology of the Blog” mp3. 64.4 MB 54:24

Bill Rake of The ABCs Of Whatever Podcast Interviews Me About Atheism

ABCs Of Whatever

ABCs Of Whatever Podcast

This past weekend I had the pleasure of hanging out on Skype, being interviewed by Bill Rake of The ABCs Of Whatever Podcast.

For those of you not familiar with the their podcast – let’s just say that it’s fairly conservative with respect to the shows I’m normally involved in, but that proved a great opportunity to have a friendly discussion about Atheism, agnosticism and all things religion.

This audio I am posting here is from my backup recording and features just the interview without all the other segments of the show. The final audio posted by Bill has some weird echoing on his side that makes him incomprehensible at times but those problems do not exist in the version I am posting here.

Bill goes one-on-one with Paul O’Flaherty, the host of Nothing Serious Podcast. Paul is a “Level 7″ atheist (you gotta listen to find out what that means!), a great podcast host, a jovial Irishman, a new Dad, and a thoughtful guy. Bill tries to get to the heart of atheism and point out some areas where he and Paul disagree.

If you would like to hear the entire show (not just the interview) then drop along to The ABCs of Whatever site, or The 405 Media.

Download: MP3 (1:12:46 – 33.3 MB)

Malcolm Tennant Cometh

Tonight we head to Providence Hospital to begin the induction that, hopefully, will result in Malcolm Tennant making his first live appearance outside Sara’s belly.

Needless to say, I’m nervous as heck, but before we head to the hospital I wanted to get some words on video (however awkwardly) that have been beating around inside my head for the past few days.

Wish us luck! I can’t wait to meet Malcolm Tennant, and for you guys to see him too 😀

Love you Sara!

Stormageddon Week 7 (Video)

We had an interesting an unexpected trip to the OB/GYN today after Sara started spotting. What we originally believed to be a possible bladder infection resulted in a bit of a scare when they told Sara needed to have a transvaginal ultrasound, but every turned out to be perfectly fine and Stormageddon is on course for arrival on August 9th.

The week 7 ultrasounds:

Stormageddon Ultrasound Week 7Stormageddon Ultrasound Week 7Stormageddon Ultrasound Week 7

Dude, You’re Gonna Be A Dad! (Video)

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m about to become a father for the very first time. This has led me to hunt out reading material so I can learn from, and hopefully not repeat the mistakes of others.

This video is a quick update on where Sara and I are and an endorsement of the book “DUDE, You’re Gonna Be a DAD!” by John Pfeiffer.

Am I “Old Skool” Or Just Old? (Revisited)|titles=Old

It’s been eight years, 2 months and 18 days since I first wrote the words below, and it’s either a sad commentary on gaming, or perhaps on me, that as I approach 34 years of age (in October) I still lament the state of modern video games as I did when I was a tender 25-year-old..

Of course, what makes things worse is that I regularly see our children playing video games only to turn them off when things get challenging and the shiny isn’t enough to compensate for the lack of truly great and addictive game-play.

It’s not the fault of or a commentary on the children, just like you wouldn’t blame kids for not understanding why they have to rewind a VHS tape (they’ve never seen one), but I can’t help but wonder if they’d be more appreciative and critical of today’s games if they had started out like this old fart did. Sadly, we’ll never get to find out, unless one of us deliberately excludes our kids from experiencing modern technology and forces them to only use a C64 as some sort of weird social experiment.

Anyway, back to my 8 year old rant about the state of video games

It’s a sad fact but at 25 years of age I am starting to feel very old when it comes to the computer games that appeal to me.

I started out with computers at the tender ages of 5 and have owned everything from a ZX Spectrum, VIC20, C64 all the way up to the wall of PC’s here in my house. My primary interest in computers has always been coding, but I’ve always been a gamer as well.

There must be community of people who, like me, have been using computers for 20 or more years, and could be considered the old timers of gamers. Now, what I was to know is –  is the old timer “old skool” or just old?

I find that when I’m playing games today, they look great, sound great and generally play OK to crap (with some very notable exceptions!). But I miss the times when games were great. Not good, but great! When all you had was 16 colours, and 2 or 3 tracks to mix 8 bit audio with. You had 64k of memory.. Hardly enough to store 64 desktop shortcuts on todays PC’s.

They looked bad (for the most part), they sounded bad but they had something that most of todays games don’t. Playability! The were simply great fun to play, and you wanted to keep coming back and playing them even though they took up to 30 minutes to load in off of tapes that sometimes didn’t work.

In general todays games don’t have that, and in general most people don’t want to wait for the game to load, if 30 seconds went by without it loading they’d think it had crashed, much less 30 minutes.

What people seem to want is the quick fix of instant action. I like that too, but I prefer to make an investment of my time, and that’s what playing computer games is.. An investment. You spend money and buy a product and then invest your time in it. Well I like a good return on my investments and back in the “old days” that investment required waiting 30 minutes for it to load, so you wouldn’t just boot up for a quick game… You’d boot up and go make a cup of coffee while it loads because you know you’re going to playing this all evening.

Maybe I’m just getting old, and games don’t hold the same appeal for me (and I just don’t realize it) but I want that again today… The investment. The money I spend on the product should not just get me pretty graphics and sound, but something that I’ll spend hours of my time on.. will lock the door and pretend I’m not home, just so I can try “that bit” again… sleepless night… cold sweats.. the addiction of an enthralling game with great gameplay..

Now don’t get me wrong, I still love playing games, and I play everything from MMORPG’s, to FPS, to C&C style games, and there are great examples of truly awesome games with everything I want in all categories… It’s just that considering the money we spend in games, I don’t want to have to find the exceptions in order to play a great game.. They should all be good…

Take a lesson from the time when we had no choice but to have crap graphics and sound. When code had to be had optimized to maximize the amount that could be gotten into 64k… Just forget about the 30 minute loading times, okay!

So which am I? Old or “old skool”?

Download: Old Skool or Old? (4:22 Mins – 3Mb MP3)