It Is A Very Silly Email Address…

What’s your name? What’s your company name? What’s your email address? Ask those 3 questions fast enough and it almost sounds like a Monty Python sketch. Just like the “Bridge of Death” scene from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” if you answer incorrectly then cast into the chasm you shall be. If your email address […]

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The Beatles Had It Right – Can’t Buy Me Love

So, Valentine’s Day, eh? My beautiful wife is rather fond of pointing out that “all men pay for it in the end”, and yes Sara’s talking about sex. She’s not implying that all women are prostitutes, but instead referring to how relationships function and the simple fact that if you want to get something, 99% […]

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Native Advertising on Forbes Magazine Cover – Right Or Wrong?

As a consumer I am not a fan of so-called “native” advertising, which are basically advertising pieces that are dressed up to look like editorial content. It’s become a relatively prevalent practice on the web, and in print you’re used to seeing them as advertorials. Side note: I’m not discussing In-Feed units, recommendation widgets,  paid search […]