Email makes communicating easier! Right?

Email is supposed to make communication more efficient. Yeah right! Most people don’t know how to use email effectively and the result is multiple time consuming emails being sent to clarify what would have been communicated in 15 seconds on the phone. IT Security has posted “Hacking Email: 99 Email Security and Productivity Tips“. The […]

43 .htaccess tricks

Okay, the titles a little inaccurate but 43 Folders posted a link to a great Wikipedia article full of .htaccess goodness. .htaccess is a configuration file that you can drop into your website to achieve lots of cool stuff such as: Password Protection Hotlinking prevention Redirects Preventing search engines from crawling your content Lots and […]

Does spelling matter online?

I admit to it, I’m not the greatest when it comes to spell checking my blog posts . Most of my spelling mistakes don’t come from actual bad spelling but are a result of bad typing, and in my haste and enthusiasm to fire my ideas down and get them online I neglect to hit […]