Spammers words of wisdom

It’s amazing what turns up in comment spam sometimes. Todays words of wisdom come from a bunch of attempted comment spam on “The Lost Plot”. Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction. How true!

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Scoble on Messenger

It’s 10am in Naestved Denmark and Robert Scoble is on MSN Messenger. That little popup just shot up saying that he is online. I’m a regular reader of Scoble’s blog and yesterday added the him to messenger after he posted an address that regular readers of his blog could use to add him. When messenger […]

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Justifying My Content

Who do I have to justify my content to when producing my blog? Well in my case just myself and my sensibilities of what are right and wrong. However, I am using the blog as a tool to express my opinions, and if my opinions differ from those that access my blog, should I alter […]

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Am I “Old Skool” or just old?

It’s a sad fact but at 25 years of age I am starting to feel very old when it comes to the computer games that appeal to me. I started out with computers at the tender ages of 5 and have owned everything from a ZX Spectrum, VIC20, C64 all the way up to the […]

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To Blog or not to Blog?

When do you blog? When do you not? Do you blog when you have nothing to say, and just do it because it’s become a habit? Or do you have something profound to say to the world? Who do you blog for? For an audience or for yourself? Do you edit what you say so […]

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