Meme: That Sh*t is the Tits!

Vulgarity ahoy (you have been warned) as I respond to this meme which I got tagged for by Sara from Suburban Oblivion (and then proceeded to swipe her post title as well).

I normally avoid as many memes as possible, however having gotten tagged twice in one post, I guess I’m obligated to respond or I’ve got a feeling that I’ll get punched in the nose and have my kilt slagged off again.

For those of you unfamiliar with “Slagged”:

Past tense of slagging, To take the piss out of somebody or thing. Of Irish origin.

Example: John slagged Bob about his crappy car

Anyhow, I’m sorry for not having any tits to show you for this post, not even a descent set of man boobs, but I have put together a list of things that I think are the virtual tits, or as we say over here, the dogs bollocks.

  • The fact that Sprint allows me to email an SMS to their customers for free. Where’s my version Meteor?
  • Urban Dictionary: Your ultimate source for profanity and without which you would all remain in the dark about the Irish and English slang I use.
  • My new headset which I picked up for use with Skype. Yes, the one Sara now owns as well and tagged me for!
  • The hat which Mr. Business Golf sent me (why don’t I have a picture of that here?).
  • My little friend who, like his kin, can hang above your window and protect you from bad dreams and zombies (both the dead and living kind)!
  • Skype Subscriptions, without which I would have the worlds largest phone bill for international calls.
  • Twitter – without which I would be without my daily dose of news and blogging inspiration. (Not following me on Twitter? Add me!!)
  • The internet – where oh where would I be without you??
  • Stephen Lynch – This guy just cracks me up!

  • Billy Connoly – The best thing to ever come out of Scotland! (Warning video> contains strong language!)

  • Gmail – I couldn’t live without it when I’m on the move. It acts a single repository for all 27 (don’t say it) of my email accounts!
  • My friends who have stuck by me through thick and thin, even when I’ve been a royal pain in the backside! Thanks guys!!
  • When fat, arrogant bastards get what’s coming to them. Don’t laugh it happens – always! Life’s a bitch that way!
  • Red Dwarf – how I wish I could find a channel that does re-runs!!
  • Oxygen – Well technically O2 or dioxygen, without you I would be dead!
  • Sliced Bread – because I can be lazy at times.
  • Guinness – How I’ll miss you when I move!

  • My readers and subscribers (are you one yet? why not?)- you guys rock!

Finally, I suppose what is really the tits, is the fact that even though I could go on almost indefinitely listing things that are seriously cool, I can stop and end this post here, just because I feel like it!!