Where’s The Damn Subscribe Button?

RSS Subscribe OFlaherty Really I don’t care if you’re not concerned about how many people read your blog. I couldn’t give a monkeys arse about your super minimalist design. I fart in the face of your need for the ultimate in minimalist aesthetics.

If you don’t have a clear and easily located RSS or subscribe button on your blog I won’t be subscribing anytime soon.

I’ve run into this “little issue” twice in the past 24 hours and as a result, two blogs which I feel I really could get to like are each a subscriber short.

Lets be honest here, we all blog because some part of us is an exhibitionist at heart, we want people to read what we write or we wouldn’t go to the trouble of posting it to the internet in the first place. So with that in mind, why make it difficult for people to subscribe?

Alexa button and rank myth – revisited

2 weeks ago I was wondering if installing the Alexa button on the your blog will increase your Alexa Rank?

I was doubtful to begin with, considering the results of Steven York who’s results indicated that the theory that having the button embedded on your page would boost your rank was complete bunk.

I’ve done some Googling on this and find many sites that recommend using the redirect however much of it appears to be of the "me to" mentality.

The one dissenting voice I came across was that of Steven York who not only tested redirects but also the theory that showing the Alex widget on your site will improve your rank.

Steven will, I’m sure, be happy to know that my two week trail on two different sites indicates that he was correct.

I had the button installed on 2 sites. The first was this blog and the second was Bloomer, our fledgling social network.

Well the results are in and they don’t support the theory.

O’Flaherty blog is still hanging around the 267,000 mark and traffic has remained pretty consistent over the period. I didn’t experience spikes in traffic which would have created and increase and my traffic has been comparable over the past 2 months so any boost in rank could only be attributed to the button.

There was no boost, so I guess that answers that.

Bloomer was a poor choice for testing the button as we’re seeing growing membership and daily increases in page views so the effect of the button (if one existed) is impossible to gauge.

Myth busted I think..

Morning overlook

Today is scheduled to be a day where I get away from the administrative work and get to knuckle down and do some “real” work.

One interesting thing that did make it me sit up and take notice today was a post by Richard MacManus on “Read /Write Web” about Bungee labs and their web development platform.

The Bungee Connect™ on-demand development environment dramatically increases both developer productivity and application capability by automating Ajax interactivity, reducing web state management programming, and optimizing intelligent integration with multiple web service APIs—including specific focus on the web services from Amazon®, Ebay®, Google™, Microsoft®, PayPal®, RealNetworks®, Salesforce.com®, and Yahoo!®. At BungeeConnect.com, web developers can rapidly develop rich internet applications, then instantly deploy them on the Bungee Connect high-availability infrastructure grid.
Bungee Connect is especially valuable to Small-to-Medium sized businesses (SMBs) creating rich internet applications. SMBs use Bungee Connect to dramatically improve their on-line experiences, shorten development cycles, differentiate above and before competitors, personalize community interaction, and completely eliminate upfront development license fees and all capital equipment required for deployment.

I’ve just completed the sign up process for the beta and am eagerly awaiting the opportunity to try out the service.

Of course everyone is talking about the StumbleUpon imminent acquisition (and Googles so-called but not even close competitor toolbar button) but that’s not at the top of my personal interest list.

For those of you who don’t already know (I mentioned it on last nights podcast) Microsoft have released a plugin which allows Windows Media Player to work properly in Firefox. That particular morsel of good news come hot on the heels of a rumor that Facebook may unclench and allow folks to embed 3rd party widgets in their profiles.  As soon as they do you can guarantee my Splashcast player will be on my profile.

Have any of you (besides Rex) been checking out Ojeez. It’s an, as yet, unreleased social network. I’m not sure what to make of the whole thing. I did sign up, maybe if they get acquired I’ll be able to afford a beer or something.

Lastly, I finally added a Digg button for my podcasts yesterday. Unfortunately it didn’t work.

digg_url = “http://digg.com/podcasts/O_Flaherty”;

I got it working this morning but unfortunately it doesn’t work for individual episodes, only the podcast as whole and that seems to be the way the folks a Digg want it.

If you like the O’Flaherty Podcast why not give the this Digg button click!

I’m on your Google Toolbar

Google have released the latest version of their for Internet Explorer and Firefox. The Firefox version has finally caught up with the functionality of the IE version, and now both have the cool new ability to add custom buttons to it.

The buttons can be hand coded in XML and allow you to have a button that links to any site you want complete with latest headlines via RSS and search within the site.

Now you can have O’Flaherty on your toolbar (link installs O’Flaherty button on Google Toolbar.)

The only issue I have with it is that I user Google Adsense for Search as well as the WordPress powered search on my blog. I’d like to be able to use the Adsense Search with the Google Toolbar. Also, the search doesn’t seam to handle the WordPress search well yet.

UPDATE: Both the Adsense Search and the WordPress Search appear to work fine in Firefox.