60MB of storage for just £1599 (USD $2808) – Memory Lane!

Hard disk advert

Remember the good old days of computing when speeds were measured in MHz instead of GHz and the BBS (Bullletin board systems) ruled supreme?

Well this advert for a Supra hard drive for the Amiga with a whopping 60MB capacity might bring back some of that nostalgia.

At a mere £1599 ($2808 USD) this 60MB hard disk was a steal in 1987 and was guaranteed to make you the envy of every geek in the neighborhood.

If you’re wondering where I dug up this little beauty of an advert, I’ll tell ya!

It hails from the November 1987 edition of “Your Commodore”, which is just one of a pile of old computer magazines I came across today, when clearing out some boxes from my childhood, stored in my grandparents attic.

C64 MagazinesThe pile of magazines included issues of ZZap! 64, Your Commodore, Commodore Format and Commodore Force.

You can see some of the pile included in the picture below, and yes, that is sellotape holding some of the covers together.

Don’t tell me I was to only person who had a hard time removing the cover tapes from the magazines without ripping them?

Yeah I was quite the computer enthusiast (must resist saying ge… geee.. geeeiii… geek! Damn it!) growing up and one of my earliest computers was my beloved Commodore 64.

I had all of the models of the C64 at some point, from the original chunk doorstep design, the slim line version and even the C128D. Ah, geeky nostalgia!

Other gems which I dug up, included an old C2N Datasette for loading the tapes on to the C64, my Cheetah joystick (will avoid all jokes about the hours of pleasure I had wiggling my stick) and a box full of games.

C2N Datasette Cheetah 125+ joystick

Box of C64 games Wow, all this talk about the C64 has got me hankering to play some of those old titles that I used to enjoy.

It’s amazing how far gaming has come since I was growing up, yet I think that in some senses the process of being a gamer on a machine like a C64 thought me something that today’s consoles never will.

Today’s consoles are practically instant. You pop in the disc and within a few seconds you are killing zombie hordes or waving your Wiimote around like a drunk pervert at the line to see Santa Claus at Christmas.

Back in my day (geez, I didn’t just say that! Tell me I didn’t just say that!) we had to decide what we wanted to play and wait 30 excruciating minutes for the thing to load from a cassette, which may or may not work first time and very often we would have to wait 5 minutes or more between levels as new data was loaded in.

Imagine the outcry from the “instant on” generation (not a viagra joke, I promise!) of today if they had to wait for a game to load, let alone rewind the tape to a place THEY were supposed to keep track of in order to repeat a level when they die! Heaven forbid!

Enough of my longing for the days when men were men, cars were bicycles, horses were sheep (and well ridden) and we had to walk to school barefoot in the snow and it was uphill in both directions!

I’m off to download a C64 emulator, a bunch of games from Lemon 64 and set myself up to use all the power of my dual core laptop to play games which a wrist watch could run!