Easy way to synch who you follow on Twitter and Friendfeed

I’ve been on Friendfeed for a while and have to admit to now using it all that much. I think much of that has to do with the hassle of finding the accounts of the couple of all the people I’m following on Twitter.

Well that may change soon as courtesy of Eric over at InternetDuctTape there now exists a program called “Twitter 2 Friend Feed Importer” which will plough through al the people you follow on Twitter and add then to your friendfeed account using Googles Social Graph API.


It keeps track of who it has added over time. If you unsubscribe from someone using the web interface, they won’t be added again next time you run.

It uses Google’s Social Graph API to try and find connections between accounts on Twitter and Friend Feed (since Friend Feed doesn’t provide a good autodiscovery mechanism). You can play with the Social Graph API here. Unfortunately, this can be hit or miss. It works great on some people, but not so well with others.

It comes down to whether or not the person has been setting up XFN and FOAF links between their services. It shows a big failure in the social graph API. People who have claimed their accounts using Technorati, Claim ID or MyBlogLog are easily linked — others, not so much.

The program itself is still very basic (has no GUI) and as Eric admits, it’s a bit hit and miss but did successfully manage to locate a few of the people I’ve been following on Twitter and had failed (due to boredom and the monotony of searching for usernames) to locate.

Thanks Eric!

My Web 2.0

Steven Hodson tagged me for the “What’s Your Web 2.0?” meme which was started by//engtech.

So here’s my list of all the core Web 2.0 sites I use along with a rough idea of regularity.

Daily Use:

  • Twitter – For making announcement and getting great blogging ideas.
  • Technorati – Monitor blog popularity and see who’s linking to O’Flaherty.
  • Google / Google Blog Search – Research!
  • Del.icio.us – For public bookmarks.
  • Google Bookmarks – For personal bookmarks.
  • Google Reader – My main tool for consuming RSS feeds.
  • FeedBurner – Check feed usage statistics, also handles emails  for subscribers.
  • MyBlogLog – Check blog stats and interact with the O’Flaherty community!
  • BlogRovr – See who’s talking about the blog I’m reading.
  • WordPress – My blog platform of choice.
  • Digg – For seeing what’s hot in the world of Tech.
  • Wikipedia – Research.
  • CoComment – to keep track of my comments on the web.
  • GMail – Web based email client, file storage and chat text storage.

Weekly Use:

Monthly Use:

  • Bebo – Keeping in touch with folks.
  • Snapsoid –  Online photo sharing.

I’m sure there are 50 more services that I use a month, but I can’t think of them all right now. The ones listed here are the core set.


So, now it’s my turn to tag some more unsuspecting soles and ask them to reveal which tools they use .

The Rules!

There are rules that go with this meme:

  1. Link to this post and the post of whoever tagged you (that would be me!)
  2. Create a list of the web2.0 sites you use and categorize them from “daily use” to “weekly use” to “monthly use”. Include links to your accounts if you want so people can friend you.
  3. Tag a bunch of people you want to join in.

Even if you haven’t been tagged yet, feel free to participate in the comments or to join in on the meme with your own blog.