I May Enroll In the University Of Illinois Just To Play This

I so need this game and the screen. No, really, you don’t understand… I NEED IT!! Need… Neeeed…. I mean, who’s ass do I have to shove my nose up in order to get access to that screen?

BTW, don’t you love how they brought a girl in to play for the video? As if that would ever happen – a girl, playing a Star Wars game??

It’s been developed by Arthur Nishimoto, a student at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Initially designed in 2009 as a simple space strategy game, it soon evolved into a multiplayer project for the TacTile touch-screen display. Which, thanks to the fact it’s not a commercial product, could use Star Wars ships and sound effects.


Via Kotaku.

Ultra Geeky LCARS Home Computer (Video)


Ultra geeky software architect Pascal Heiden shows off the interface to a home computer he programmed to operate like the LCARS interface from Star Trek.

This is what I built in my home and this video is my own work. Both the computer and the software is self made. The interface is inspired by the LCARS interface from Star Trek.

Shown in this video are:
– Agenda/Calendar
– Shopping list (Groceries)
– Rain radar
– Train departure times (because the train station is nearby)
– Library & Media player (connected to home cinema set)
– Internet browser

Not shown, but also operational is bluetooth support (notice the Transfer button to send the shopping list to your telephone).