Meme: That Sh*t is the Tits!

Vulgarity ahoy (you have been warned) as I respond to this meme which I got tagged for by Sara from Suburban Oblivion (and then proceeded to swipe her post title as well).

I normally avoid as many memes as possible, however having gotten tagged twice in one post, I guess I’m obligated to respond or I’ve got a feeling that I’ll get punched in the nose and have my kilt slagged off again.

For those of you unfamiliar with “Slagged”:

Past tense of slagging, To take the piss out of somebody or thing. Of Irish origin.

Example: John slagged Bob about his crappy car

Anyhow, I’m sorry for not having any tits to show you for this post, not even a descent set of man boobs, but I have put together a list of things that I think are the virtual tits, or as we say over here, the dogs bollocks.

  • The fact that Sprint allows me to email an SMS to their customers for free. Where’s my version Meteor?
  • Urban Dictionary: Your ultimate source for profanity and without which you would all remain in the dark about the Irish and English slang I use.
  • My new headset which I picked up for use with Skype. Yes, the one Sara now owns as well and tagged me for!
  • The hat which Mr. Business Golf sent me (why don’t I have a picture of that here?).
  • My little friend who, like his kin, can hang above your window and protect you from bad dreams and zombies (both the dead and living kind)!
  • Skype Subscriptions, without which I would have the worlds largest phone bill for international calls.
  • Twitter – without which I would be without my daily dose of news and blogging inspiration. (Not following me on Twitter? Add me!!)
  • The internet – where oh where would I be without you??
  • Stephen Lynch – This guy just cracks me up!

  • Billy Connoly – The best thing to ever come out of Scotland! (Warning video> contains strong language!)

  • Gmail – I couldn’t live without it when I’m on the move. It acts a single repository for all 27 (don’t say it) of my email accounts!
  • My friends who have stuck by me through thick and thin, even when I’ve been a royal pain in the backside! Thanks guys!!
  • When fat, arrogant bastards get what’s coming to them. Don’t laugh it happens – always! Life’s a bitch that way!
  • Red Dwarf – how I wish I could find a channel that does re-runs!!
  • Oxygen – Well technically O2 or dioxygen, without you I would be dead!
  • Sliced Bread – because I can be lazy at times.
  • Guinness – How I’ll miss you when I move!

  • My readers and subscribers (are you one yet? why not?)- you guys rock!

Finally, I suppose what is really the tits, is the fact that even though I could go on almost indefinitely listing things that are seriously cool, I can stop and end this post here, just because I feel like it!!

What’s $25 dollars between stores?

A hell of a lot if you ask me!! While in the U.S. recently I picked up a Microsoft LifeChat ZX-6000 wireless headset for my laptop (which has been performing exceptionally well!) in Best Buy for around $43 before tax.

A few minutes later I was in Circuit City and the exact same headset (and bear in mind that I was less than five minutes away from where I bought the original) for a staggering $69 (also before tax)!!

What gives? How can their be such a disparity in prices between two stores which are very close together, in the same town and for the same product?

I suppose I should not be surprised.

If you visit Microsoft’s site to view the prices they give a recommended retail price of $69.95 yet their “price compare” feature quotes prices from $39.95 (Amazon) all the way up to $69.99.

While I’m talking about prices, let me have a minor gripe about the fact that in Europe we advertise the price of products in store (and elsewhere) with taxes included. Airlines and U.S. retailers please take note that this is much more convenient for customers.