Half-nude, hypercarnal bloaters.

You know those really unproductive days where things started fine but by midday you’re too grumpy and too tired to be of any use to any bugger?

I’m sure you do and you hate them.

So do I! Especially today, as I’m right in the middle of one.

Yet there has been a little laughter in the day so far as Fracas posted about "Anagram Genius" over on the Fuelmyblog blog.

Fracas ran all the FMB writers names through the generator and got some funny results.

Sylive D came out tops with "I dive sexily" but Kevin’s, "I dyke vixen", was a real eye opener.

So I decided to visit the Anagram Genius site myself and dropped in my full name and came out with :

Half-nude, hypercarnal bloaters

Hmm… not quite sure what to make of that!

Here’s a question for you. Considering you have that anagram of my name who can figure out what my two middle names are?