Reducing The Showcasing

i-ar-hidingLately I’ve been feeling that the podcasts and vidcasts that I am involved with are flooding the front page of this site and hiding the content that I write.

This problem could only get worse as I become involved with more shows, so I have decided to make some changes to how the site works so as not to overwhelm you guys with content that has been produced for other sites.

To that end, all future podcats and vidcasts will not appear on the front page but will remain available under the “Webcasts” link and in the players on the sidebar.

I hope that will help bring this blog back to being more of a blog instead of simply a showcase for the shows I do.

Minor Rendering Differences In FireFox Beta 5

I haven’t been paying the new beta’s of Firefox 4 too much attention (except to note that beta 5 has hardware acceleration turned on by default) as I’ve become a solid Chrome user, but I have noticed some minor differences in how it renders pages when compared to the current stable release of Firefox 3.6.9.

One simple example of this is the layout of the “subscribe buttons” in the sidebar of this site.

As you can see from the image below the buttons are where they are supposed to be in 3.6.9 but spill over in beta 5.

Firefox 4 differences

With the exception of Firefox 4 Beta 5 the sidebar displays properly in all other browsers. I’ve checked this against IE8, Chrome, Opera, Firefox 3.6.9 and Firefox 4 Beta 5 on both XP and Windows 7.

I hope this small issue is not indicative of larger issues ahead in terms of layouts and rendering in Firefox 4.

How would you organize the Gmail menu?

Have you ever wondered what Google’s designers / user interface specialists think about when they’re designing the menus on Googles services?

I have because I’m a massive Google Reader fan and am always surprised by how awkward it is to get to from other Google services (without using browser add-ons or greasemonkey scripts.)

Gmail Menu

Just look at where Google Reader is placed on the menu from within Gmail.

The menus aren’t organized by with any sense that I can discern. It’s not a simple alphabetic layout and the menus obviously aren’t organized by popularity of each respective product because there is now way you could convince me that Google Patents is a more popular destination that Google Reader.

If, (and how I wish) I was in charge I’d probably organize the first few after Gmail as:

Calendar, Documents, Reader, Photos, Web

The rest could follow in order of usage popularity .

How would you organize the menu if you had the chance?