Finally one place to see all the O’Flaherty vidcasts

I’ve finally taken the time to build a way for you to see all the vidcasts I do in one location.  From now on the only URL you have to remember to get your daily dose of O’Flaherty is

It doesn’t matter if I’m on Fuelmyblog Live, The Mr. Business Golf Show, or anything else, you’ll be able to see them all live at this one URL and be able to join in to the chat rooms with just a single click.

I’m glad I got it built in time for tonight’s Fuelmyblog live because tonight is rant night for myself and Kevin.

The show kicks off at 10PM CET.

Oh, before I go I’ve got to say "Thank ya kindly" to Sugar Queen’s Dream for showing us a little love with some kind words about out last show.

Although Sugar: "resident hunks"?

What were you smoking.. LOL

FMB Pub Quiz tonight and competition image

FMB Week 5 I will be doing Fuelmyblog live with Kevin tonight at 9PM CET.

Tonight is pub quiz night promises to be a good laugh as ever and we will probably end up making as fools out of ourselves as usual!

Speaking of tonight’s show, yesterday the image for "have you guessed what it is" was posted on the Fuelmyblog blog.

That’s it the image on the top right hand side of the post. 

All you have to do to win some cool prized from Blog2Print / Sharedbook is tell us what that images is and tune in to the live draw on Sunday nights FMB Live (9PM CET).

You can get the full competition details over on the Fuelmyblog Blog.

Monday Nights Fuelmyblog Live

Monday nights Fuelmyblog live was the second pilot of the new show hosted by Kevin Dixie and myself.

It was a weird but great show. Primarily we talked about blogging and blogging issues but also had some fun due to some political activism in the chat room as well as some technical difficulties.

Wednesdays show promises to focus on how to become a better writer on your blog and will be co hosted by Liz Strauss of Successful Blog.

Here are the  two recorded segments from last nights show:

Part 1: 30 minutes

Part 2: 13 minutes

I’m on Fuelmyblog live tonight!

I’m very happy to announce that tonight I will be helping Kevin Dixie (of Fuelmyblog)host the first Fuelmyblog live.

Tonight we will be drawing the winner of the first “Can you guess what it is?” competition.

The prize is awesome and one that I’m sure every blogger worth their salt would love to show off:

The winner will win their blog printed in a real book (click here for more info) or you can make a book free from the sharedbook website (click here for more info, a great great prize).

Anyway.. we will be hosting the draw live on blogtv at 10pm CET (9 PM GMT or 3PM USC) and it should be good craic!

I look forward to seeing some of you guys in their tonight!

You can also check out the show on the embedded player below (which you can embed on your blog too 😉 ).

Caught unprepared on Ustream

OFlaherty, live on Ustream Chris Pirillo caught me unawares tonight when he put my Ustream stream on resulting in me ending completely unprepared for a flood of users.

I’ve only been experimenting with my UStream channel so haven’t anything formal in place and was figuratively caught with my pants down.

Still it turned out to be a great experience to have 80+ people in the chat room asking me questions for an hour, even if my camera did decided to commit suicide and jump off the desk no less than twice.  :)

As I said I was experimenting so didn’t have the camera set up on a stand yet as I was playing with camera angles and stuff.

Anyway, I really must say thanks Chris because that hour was a lot of fun!!

You can see the video from tonight here. It’s almost an hour long, but I’ll get around to editing it into smaller chunks once I find some software which will convert Ustreams FLV files into AVI or MPEG.