Xbox SmartGlass – Y U No Work On Nexus 7?

Smart-GlassBeing a huge Xbox fan (oflahertypaul if you’re interested) and mega Google nerd, I have to admit that I was a little late to the game in learning that SmartGlass is available for Android.

It was awesome sitting on the couch the other night messing with my Xbox (1 of 2) and controlling it from my Windows 8 laptop, so you can imagine that I was more than a bit disappointed to find out that SmartGlass does not work with either of my two Android devices.

I can forgive it not working with my Samsung Galaxy S, which runs Froyo (2.2) and has been around since Jesus rode dinosaurs to school, but that it doesn’t work with my Nexus 7? Wait, what? Oh hell nawww!

My beloved Nexus runs the latest and greatest version of Android (Jelly Bean 4.1.2), well at least until the Nexus 10 comes out (it will mine, oh yes, it will be mine), so what gives?

It’s simple Microsoft. The people  in the Google universe buying Nexus tablets are the ones most likely to want to use things like SmartGlass, and most likely to buy the 720 when it finally drops. We’re likely to pick up a Surface too, and Windows 8, because most of us are platform agnostic.

We love cool tech, but if you’re stuff doesn’t work on the current flagship device for cool tech (amongst those who aren’t pleasuring themselves over that other serving tray tablet) then you’re going to lose any allure you may be building.

Update: Mark “Rizzn” Hopkins informs me that you can side-load SmartGlass on to the Nexus 7 and it works just fine. But that does sound like an terrible lot of work…