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O’Flaherty Episode #21 – Show me the money!

Show me the money! Recorded on my cell phone, I talk about how Technorati has become irrelevant, how much money the average blogger makes their blog, opening unsolicited emails and finally naming and shaming companies which use human spammers. Links Blogging is x3 times bigger than porn. My ass! How much money do you earn […]

O’Flaherty Episode #14 – Lending Club

Lending Club! Today’s show is a special interview with John Donovan, the COO of Lending Club. Links Lending Club Facebook Credit Podcast Theme: Derek K. Miller Audacity Download Podcast MP3: O’Flaherty #14 9.28 Mb 0:21:20 http://traffic.libsyn.com/pauloflaherty/OFlaherty_Episode_14_oflaherty-64359-06-06-2007_pshow_144084_01.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download () | EmbedSubscribe: Android | RSS

O’Flaherty Episode #13 – Hail to the King!

Hail to the King! Alec and I talk about Google, FeedBurner, privacy issues and Bruce Campbell? Links Google Buying FeedBurner is pure evil! Google Google Reader Google AdSense FeedBurner Pheedo Xoops WordPress One.com Army of Darkness Bruce Campbell Credit Podcast Theme: Derek K. Miller Music: “Burn down the Mall” for Blue Valentine on PodsafeAudio.com Audacity Alec Palomo […]

O’Flaherty Episode #12 – Blizzard bashing!

Blizzard Bashing! I’m in a ranting mood today bashing everything within reach. Great music from The Joules. Links Blizzard World of Warcraft O’Flaherty Vidcast Ostracize the Xenophobes: AmericaNet Ubustu Ubuntu Studio Credit Podcast Theme: Derek K. Miller Music: “What’s Wrong with you!” by The Joules! Audacity Download Podcast MP3: O’Flaherty #12 7.4 Mb 0:15:30 http://traffic.libsyn.com/pauloflaherty/OFlaherty_Episode_12_oflaherty-60548-05-11-2007_pshow_69598_01.mp3Podcast: Play […]

OFlaherty Episode #10 – My Mini is YourMinis

My Mini is YourMinis Apologies for the late posting. This episode was recorded last night, the 26th of April but I only got around to posting it today. This episode features a recorded Gizmo call with O’Flaherty regular Alec Palomo. We have a bit of a laugh as well as cover some MMORPG stuff and […]