Bye Bye Blogsvertise

I’m deleting my account with Blogsvertise as soon as I’m finished writing this post.

I’ve had three “offers” assigned to me since I joined up and I must say that they’ve been dreadful. Whoever assigns tasks to bloggers over there needs a serious head check and to do a little homework before hitting that “send” button.

I’ve received tasks to write about the following 3 sites (all links are “no follow”):

The first 2 are tech related but completely beyond my means to write anything other than a mere “they exist” about. I don’t live in the U.S. so there is no way I’ll be writing about they’re service because I have no possibility to try it.

I’m certainly not going to be paying the $1.99 per minute call charge, on top of the international call rate from DENMARK.

I’m supposed to make money by writing about this service not spend more that the piddle poor $7.50 they’re offering me.

BuyDomain is another poor choice. Yeah, I can look at they’re site and see the extortionate amount of money people want for expired domains but am I going to call them? Am I going to purchase a domain to see what they’re service is really like?

Not for $10!

As for! Why is it listed as “Technology and Gadgets” entry?

The poor matching of tasks to my blog is not the only reason why I’m leaving Blogsvertise. What they demand is nothing more than an advertisement and they offer far too little money for it.

This blog is registered with PayPerPost and ReviewMe. On both of these services I can demand around $100 for posts on my blog and that makes it worth my while, because when I write a review I invest the necessary time to make it worth reading.

As stated on my policies page:

Paid Reviews

I will do paid reviews on this site. All paid reviews will contain proper disclosure at the top and bottom of the article.

The content of the review will not be influenced or altered by the fact that I am being paid to do the review. The review will be honest!

A bad product or service will not receive a good review simply because I’m being paid to review it. However, I will, in the review, attempt to suggest ways in which the product or service could be improved.

Likewise, good services will not receive an excellent review simply because I’m being paid to review it.

My review will be honest and critical. If your product or service can’t stand up to a critical review, or you don’t wish to learn how to improve it, then I suggest you look elsewhere.

Blogsvertise doesn’t pay enough to be worth my time and I’m not going to be a shill when writing a review.

Bye Bye Blogsvertise!

Link Roll Up 21/03/2007

I’ve been filling the link blog all morning with the best posts from all the feeds I follow.

It’s starting to look like today won’t be a good day for me blogging, so I’m highlighting a couple of cool things here that may have warranted a post in response or are just damn cool, but I don’t have time to get around to today.

Andy Beard – WOMMA Should Watch Who They Quote And Especially Who They Link Too!

Member Alert: WOMMA Supports Clear Disclosure of Compensation on Blogs – Womma go PayPerPost spanking!

Jason Calacanis – More proof that there is no A List (or at least if there is, it means NOTHING!)

Google Image Ripper (Warning NSFW by default) via Cord Silverstein

Steven HodsonMisuse of Technorati and and the dirty links

Rok Hrastnik – Why is Everyone Missing the RSS Transactional Messaging Opportunity?

MacDailyNews – Unauthorized Obama Internet political ad converts Apple’s famous ‘1984’ commercial (with video)

Hillary 1984 video


Original Apple 1984 video


Ars Technica –NFL fumbles DMCA takedown battle, could face sanctions

Firefox Available

Just even more stuff in the link blog!